1. kind2creatures

    Fort Hood Shooting - Prescription Anti-Psychotic Drugs AGAIN!

    The most recent shooter was under doctor's care for depression, and was taking Ambien along with other prescription drugs for his treatment. These drugs have long been known to cause suicidal and homicidal behavior, as many of the mass shooters were under the influence of these doctor prescribed...
  2. revzen

    Eating Meat and Dairy is Wrong !

    On Thursday I watched a dude, Gary Yourofsky, give a powerful presentation about why we should not eat meat or consume any dairy products; and I became a vegan after being a vegetarian for 6 yrs. I am 6ft 1inch and weigh 226 lbs - 16 stones, and I was shocked, sickened and ashamed by our...
  3. kind2creatures

    Mother on Trial for Murder (Chemotherapy drugs)

    Mother on trial for murder after allegedly failing to administer chemotherapy drugs to son by Jonathan Benson, staff writer (NaturalNews) Refusing to comply with state-sanctioned protocols for cancer treatment -- even when they cause immense pain and suffering, and possibly even a more...