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    What is Lymphoma ? A quick guide!

    Lymphoma Lymphoma is a category of the cancer, which starts in an infection killing cells which comes under our immune system which is called as “lymphocytes”. These cells are found in the various parts of our body which is: Lymph nodes Spleen Thymus Bone marrow and Other parts of the body...
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    Can anybody give me any information on Artemisinin as a cancer treatment such as dosage, whether it can be taken with anti-oxidants and when you can hope to see results? The information I can find is all vague and often contradictory. Thanks!
  3. kind2creatures

    Cancer in Dog (Budwig Protocol)

    (a success story I found online) This came across on one of my Great Dane lists. Thought I would share it. This is about a Great Dane ******************************************************************** she has cancer--- lymphoma, I was devastated, after countless hours on the web researching...