1. N

    I Have Been Increasing Protein the Form of Eggs for Libido; WHadya Think?

    The past couple days, I have been eating a halfdozen eggs daily for good cholesterol to increase libido; whadya think? So far, it has diminished my ability to sleep,apparently. How long to see the results?
  2. N

    What Diet Can Raise Testosterone?

    I'm 39, am eating fairly healthy, supplement with coconut oil and Vitamins B and C, but I feel no libido increase. I eat my salads, avocado, onions, garlic, use a lot of tumeric 'n ginger, but nothing, even as I add fish meat to my diet. What gives?
  3. kind2creatures

    Fenugreek - Testosterone Booster and More

    Some of the benefits of the herb Fenugreek...
  4. kind2creatures

    Raising Testosterone Levels Naturally

    Raising testosterone levels naturally can boost a man’s health and well-being. By Lisa James (EnergyTimes) February 2011 If there is anything that can be called the ultimate male essence, it is testosterone. Turning an embryo into a boy and a boy into a man, this hormone fuels masculine...
  5. revzen

    Sex Drive!

    I don't have one:cry: why I hear you ask!!! I put it down to the operations I have had, which started in 2004 with the removal of my large colon, and the second operatio followed 6 weeks later when they reversed my colostomy. Again in 2006 I had a desmoid tumor removed from my abdomen. So...
  6. S

    Libido enhancement (that isnt bad for prostatitis)?

    Hi guys.. I have been having problems with Prostatitis for like 4-5 months and im only 22! Things have slowly been getting better.. but since this started my Libido basically dissapeared.. and my erections havent been the same.. At first I thought it was an infection but I did antibiotics for...