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    Do i have a groin hernia?

    Okay, first of all I'm a soccer play and I play almost everyday. And I think its a groin strain but I'm worried it might be a hernia. Well after some day I was taking shots and I didn't stretch and I felt pain in my groin area and I still kept shooting instead of stopping. So after that day my...
  2. T

    Any Natural remedies for hernia's?

    I have an inguinal hernia, actually now I think I have 2 (one on left and one on the right side. Most of my discomfort is in the abdominal area and mid back, away from the actually location of the hernia. I have a surgery scheduled for next month for it, but it is becoming increasing more...
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    How is a Hernia found X-ray cat scan ect..
  4. Jualsy


    Hubby has a hernia that is growing and surgery is not imminent...is there anything that will reduce the hernia??? It is causing him great discomfort and he is thoroughly miserable.............anything he can take???