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  1. E

    Tip For A Healthy Heart

    Hi All, Let me guide you through some simple steps to make your heart healthier. 1. Simply walk Walking is one the of the most effective way to keep your heart healthier. There are several campaigns out their explaining the benefits of walking. Check out this pdf...
  2. kind2creatures

    ObamaCare Was Easy to Sign Up

    We went through the nonsense of applying for Medicaid, although our income did not fit in that category. Good thing was, once the application was complete, our denial was almost us the go ahead to shop for a plan. Since my Kaiser plan was discontinued at the end of the...
  3. K

    Ohio Maternity Coverage - Kaiser Permanente Denied

    Hi - We live in ohio and are currently with Golden Rule United Health insurance. Last year, with her existing insurance, went to the doctor for regular checkups - flu, cold and cough (minor illnesses). She mentioned that in her Kaiser Permanente application a week ago (as they are the only...