1. J

    The Homing Thought

    When I was a youngster growing up in Australia, I often went surfing at the Sydney beaches. Whenever there was a big wave coming, my friends and I would dive for the sand at the bottom of the water and hold on to that sand with our fingertips. The wave would pass over, and we would come up to...
  2. J

    An understanding of holistic medicine

    Until I first came to America I had never seen the northern sky. In Australia I was quite able to identify the constellations, but in America I couldn’t. I searched and searched for Orion’s belt, and in the end it was pointed out to me. After that I was able to find it easily. Now, we must...
  3. D

    Herbal Remedies for Menstrual Cramps.

    Hey everyone I wanted to share a small story about menstrual cramps with you and a few natural remedies I found that claim to ease symptoms naturally. I used to sit by a bathtub late at night, a few nights a month, my ex-wife curled into a ball inside it. She’s one of the toughest people I...
  4. kind2creatures

    Healing Power of Flowers

    A few well-known flowers, and their healing and nutrition properties...
  5. J

    Success Healing Cavities?

    Hello, my name is Josh. I'm 23 years old, and I have some pretty severe teeth issues. After visiting the dentist last week, I've been told that I have three teeth that need to be removed, and that I have five cavities that need to be filled. Of the teeth that need to be removed, two are broken -...
  6. K

    The Healing Power of Trees

    A very interesting article on trees... http://www.psychologies.co.uk/body/the-healing-power-of-trees.html
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    Energy of Reiki

    Healing with the hands...Reiki
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    Powers of Honey Heal in Traditional Chinese and Worldwide Medicine

    The incredible powers of honey heal in TCM and worldwide medicine by Christopher Gussa (NaturalNews) Honey's ability to heal wounds and treat infections is quite notable. It also is known for its antioxidant, antibiotic and antiviral capabilities. Honey is 18 to 20 percent water and is...
  9. J

    Edgar Cayce books??

    Was looking for a kidney cleanse today, and ran across this site that sells Edward Cayce books (its curezone) I have heard alot of things about Edward Cayce, and feel his books would be a good investment.... But money is always a factor to look at.... Is this the extent of his books, or is there...
  10. kind2creatures

    The Power of Forgiveness

    The Power of Forgiveness "Forgiveness is the healing of wounds caused by another". It is our choice to learn to let go of a past wrong and it is our choice to no longer allow ourselves to be hurt by it. Remove your ego from the equation. Now look at the situation. Does it appear differently...
  11. M

    natural herb that claims to cure HIV- Cancer- Diabetes and many more

    In China, the mushroom known as Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) has been called “God's Herb” for over 2000 years. Because of Reishi's reputation for being effective in treating a wide range of ailments, Chinese Emperors throughout history has ordered their servants to search for Reishi in the wild...
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    Glowing Coral (Fluorescence Aids Healing)

    GLOWING CORAL PHOTO: Fluorescence Found to Aid Healing November 4, 2009—Injured corals develop colorful glowing "scabs" to help themselves heal, a new study has found. (See pictures of animals made to glow for science.) When a coral is broken or wounded, it releases highly...