1. F

    Trying to kill off that stubborn fat.

    I'm 22 years old, I'm a little over five feet and weight about 175. I'm trying to kill off some off that stubborn fat by the end of Spring - love handles and what not. My question, I guess, is: what eating plan should I go on to do this? I'm really new to dieting, I plan on starting February...
  2. kind2creatures

    Weight Loss and Exercise

    Some advice on exercise and weight loss...
  3. Ted_Hutchinson

    Recent presentations on Cause of Obesity

    JumpstartMD: Dr. Robert Lustig, "Sugar is a Toxin" - Part 1 UC San Francisco's Dr. Robert Lustig gave this talk in the summer of 2011 for JumpstartMD, a Bay Area medical weight loss company. Part 1 of 4 I've only just started watching this. Seems to be a MUCH simpler version of the Bitter...
  4. kind2creatures

    Tai Chi and Qi Gong (Go With The Flow)

    I had the pleasure of taking some Tai Chi Chuan classes many years ago which I enjoyed very much, here's some information about Tai Chi and Qi Gong...
  5. kind2creatures

    Exercise for Forearms

    It seems like the machines in the gym have been targeting triceps, biceps, shoulders and chest. The only exercise I know for the forearms is I hold my handweight with palm down, and arm at my side, then lift almost straight out in front, at shoulder height. Any other exercises that strenghten...
  6. saved1986

    Did treadmill yesterday

    4.1 miles Knee feels pretty good. Been taking osteo biflex and serrapeptase regularly.
  7. Ted_Hutchinson

    Does running make you fat?

    Does running make you fat? Many of us take up jogging to help lose weight. But the latest research shows it could have just the opposite effect. Sophie Morris, who ran a marathon and ended up heavier, explains why
  8. kind2creatures

    Weighing More After Workout

    I don't weigh myself very often, but just for the halibut one day at the gym, I weighed myself before a workout. When I weighed myself afterwards, I was 1-2 pounds heavier. :shock: I checked this out around five times so far, including today, same thing. I didn't think that sweating could add...
  9. L

    Lemon water in the morning?

    My stomach is nauseated in the morning. I drink a can of guava juice before my morning walk but I think this might be better. Squeeze lemons and put the juice in an ice tray then at night put one of the cubes in the refrigerator so to be unfrozen in the morning then in a 16 oz glass filled with...
  10. K

    Bad news for couch potatoes

    A study reported in the British Journal of Sports Media suggests a couch potato lifestyle with 6 hours of television (viewing) a day cuts lifespan by five years - BBC Ceefax 16/8/2011
  11. kind2creatures

    Aerobic Interval Training

    Aerobic interval training is by far my favorite form of cardiovascular exercise. It doesn’t matter if I’m on a treadmill, in the gym or walking on the beach. I could be alone or training a group of clients. The bottom line is that if I’m working out, part of my routine is almost certainly...
  12. jbo

    Break a weight loss plateau

    I find this pretty intresting http://nutritiondiva.quickanddirtytips.com/how-to-break-a-weight-loss-plateau.aspx
  13. kind2creatures

    Yoga - Health Benefits

    Here's an article which explains all about Yoga...
  14. kind2creatures

    Static Stretching (before exercise)

    Some research and opinion on stretching before exercising...
  15. kind2creatures

    Exercise As An Anti-Aging Tool

    Exercise As An Anti-Aging Tool Researchers divided 235 sedentary men and women into two groups. One group did traditional structured exercise 20-60 minutes continuously. The other group incorporated into their day brisk walks, stair climbing and other moderate-intensity lifestyle activities...
  16. kind2creatures

    Best Types of Exercise?

    The Different Types of Exercise - What's Best For a Healthy, Fit Body? By B. Martin What's the difference between different types of exercise? Doesn't all exercise do the same thing? Isn't exercise just for weight loss? Do you have questions like these, or wonder why you should incorporate...
  17. R

    size loss v. weight loss

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here, from the UK and have a question. Five years ago, I was slim and toned. It happened by 'accident'; I was walking a 10 mile hike once a week for the previous year and the muscles just got toned! Then life got in the way and I stopped the hike. Instead, I spent much of...
  18. kind2creatures

    Exercise - Finding Inspiration

    Finding Inspiration Series: Exercise My 'Finding Inspiration' series was written out of a need that comes up in my practice, most often in Spring and Fall. I feel we all need a bit of encouragement and enlightenment now and then to help us move forward. Finding motivation through inspiration...
  19. Ted_Hutchinson

    How to cure type 2 diabetes

    How to cure type 2 diabetes My Google Chrome browser automatically translates this Swedish Website into English. You may have to use Google Translate. The predictable debate about the use of word CURE will surprise no one here, no need to go over old ground again however I did like the comment...
  20. kind2creatures

    Excercise For Toning The Triceps

    I've been doing some exercises with weights, not only for toning and firming certain areas, but also for bone strengthening and to avoid osteoporosis. The tricep area is where many of us have some loose flab in the upper arm, near the armpit. Below is a picture from Buzzle.com, which shows one...