1. N

    I Have Been Increasing Protein the Form of Eggs for Libido; WHadya Think?

    The past couple days, I have been eating a halfdozen eggs daily for good cholesterol to increase libido; whadya think? So far, it has diminished my ability to sleep,apparently. How long to see the results?
  2. kind2creatures

    Egg Labels - Sorting Through Cage-Free, Organic, etc.

    Some insight on egg labeling...
  3. kind2creatures

    Why Americans Refrigerate Their Eggs

    And why they don't in Europe...
  4. kind2creatures

    Health Benefits of Eggs

    Learn about the nutritional benefits of eggs...
  5. saved1986

    Made scrambled eggs this morning

    using coconut oil instead of olive oil/butter. Quite excellent!
  6. G

    Glad I never gave up my bacon and eggs

    In my research to figure out how my daughter could absorb more calcium - I found this: Certainly I have had much going on over four months but dropping 2 dress sizes has been the benefit. I have cut...
  7. L

    Jofus's food pyrimid...

    Raw, organic eggs. After doing extensive research for the last few months I have come to the conclusion that raw organic eggs are the only food that is good for you. Well kind of, they do have enzymes in the that help block digestion of certain nutrients, but we have to be able to eat...
  8. S

    Raw eggs!

    So ive been eating raw eggs this week.. had 5 this morning! Just cracked them into a glass and downed them.. Eggs have tons of nutrients/proteins/fats.. and apparently eating them raw is helpful, although cooked is good too.. They are organic, free range eggs and local... anyone else do raw...
  9. E

    Raw Milk!

    Got an email saying that a local organic produce/products place is going to have some real milk, unpasteurized, non homogenized available. Hey, things are looking up! True local cage free eggs & now real milk! :D I am soooo thrilled!
  10. kind2creatures


    Prior to the 1980’s, public health officials did not consider shelled eggs as a major public health concern. The 1976 Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Retail Food Service Sanitation Manualexcluded clean, intact shelled eggsfrom the definition of a potentially hazardous food, “capable of...
  11. kind2creatures

    How To Decode Egg Cartons

    Always a head scratcher for me, have bought brown, cage-free, free-range, omega 3, vegetarian, organic and plain ol' inexpensive whites.