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    Brussels Sprouts Superfood for Detoxification and Fighting Cancer

    I just enjoyed some brussels sprouts a couple of days ago with light olive oil, turmeric, and other seasonings. They are very healthy to eat, and are good for detoxifying the body and helping to fight cancer...
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    Chlorella and Heavy Metal Toxicity

    Information about Chlorella, heavy metal toxicity, and effects on the body...
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    Environment and Health

    A review of some of the ways the environmental conditions can affect our health...
  4. kind2creatures

    Lead in Body Can Reduce Your IQ

    This article tells that every 17 micrograms of lead in your body reduces your IQ by 10 points, detoxification is recommended...
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    Liver Rejuvenation - Spring Detox

    Some things we can do to help cleanse the liver... More on Dandelion, Milk Thistle and Lemon:
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    Wheatgrass Juice

    Informative article on the benefits of Wheatgrass, including detoxification, chemo support, ulcerative colitis conditions, topical cream for Plantar Fasciitis, etc.
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    Chlorella Can Replace Expensive Supplements

    Chlorella is the only green food supplement I've tried so far, here's an article on its benefits.
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    Rejuvenate Your Liver With Dandelions

    Rejuvenate your liver this spring with dandelions by Melissa Sokulski (NaturalNews) Early spring is the time of year to find dandelion greens emerging from the ground. Though many people try to banish dandelion from their lawns, dandelion is a valuable medicinal plant in both Eastern and...
  9. U

    Detox Foot Bath

    Here's my mother-in-law's story: Her doctors told her that she has kidney damage from the blood pressure drugs she's been taking for a number of years and that she would have to go on dialysis soon. She told her nephrologist she wanted to try natural remedies first and he agreed, saying he was...
  10. F

    Detoxification Diet?

    I want to do a sort of detoxification diet for about a month. I feel sluggish, slow and generally bad. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the food I eat (or lack thereof). I want to give my system a break and sort of start fresh to get myself back up to speed. I am thinking of a diet consisting...