1. J

    The Homing Thought

    When I was a youngster growing up in Australia, I often went surfing at the Sydney beaches. Whenever there was a big wave coming, my friends and I would dive for the sand at the bottom of the water and hold on to that sand with our fingertips. The wave would pass over, and we would come up to...
  2. revzen

    Eating Meat and Dairy is Wrong !

    On Thursday I watched a dude, Gary Yourofsky, give a powerful presentation about why we should not eat meat or consume any dairy products; and I became a vegan after being a vegetarian for 6 yrs. I am 6ft 1inch and weigh 226 lbs - 16 stones, and I was shocked, sickened and ashamed by our...
  3. revzen

    Robert Waggoner 'Lucid Dreaming -- Gateway To The Inner'

    Robert Waggoner 'Lucid Dreaming -- Gateway To The Inner' Interview by Iain McNay Author of 'Lucid Dreaming -- Gateway To The Inner Self' talks about his early dream experiences and how he discovered Lucid Dreaming after reading Carlos Castaneda. He quantifies the scientific evidence that now...