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    Veganism - Chinese Medicine Perspective

    I have recently been trying to cut out meat and dairy from my diet due to a lot of gut health issues and also because of environmental factors. I have been trying for about 15 months and have been eating quite healthily except for the occasional visit to nandos when times are tough. In no way do...
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    Golden Flower Chinese Herbs Margarita Complexion Formula for Acne

    Hello All, I am a 23 year old female who experiences breakouts and some cystic pimples. I just came off of a 21 day cleanse but am still experiencing some acne. I am just starting to take the Golden Flower Chinese Herbs Margarita Complexion Formula. Has anyone had any experience with this...
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    Homeopathic Compared to Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Are homepathic and traditional chinese medicine very similar? Do they both look to cure people in the same way? Does homepathic use acupuncture?