1. kind2creatures

    When Hairballs Become Hazardous!

    Most cats, especially long-haired breeds, will experience issues with hairballs. They swallow quite a bit of hair with normal grooming. Most cats will either vomit up the hairball, or pass it in their stool. Sometimes we have to help them along with foods specifically formulated for...
  2. kind2creatures

    Natural Medicine for Cats

    Another good article by HealthyFellow...
  3. kind2creatures

    Slippery Elm Bark for Kidney Disease in Cats

    Using Slippery Elm Bark for kidney disease in cats, and more...
  4. kind2creatures

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats

    An informative article about Inflammatory Bowel Disease in cats, and the dangers of some conventional treatments. Also some natural options...
  5. kind2creatures

    Hyperthyroidism in the Older Cat

    Here's an informative article on hyperthyroidism in cats including signs, diagnosis, causes and treatments including herbs and supplements.
  6. kind2creatures

    10 Holiday Pet Safety Tips

    10 pet holiday safety tips... :christmas1:
  7. liverock

    Can Cat Parasite Cause Brain Tumours?

    Here’s something cat-lovers never expected from their feline friends... Researchers have linked a parasite that breeds in cats’ stomachs with brain tumours in people. Speaking about the parasite Toxoplasma gondii (T. Gondii), which can only breed inside the guts of cats, lead research...
  8. kind2creatures

    Heat Stroke in Cats

    With the summer season well underway, pet owners need to be extra vigilant about protecting their beloved animals from heat-related illnesses. Just like in humans or other animals, heat stroke is a condition that occurs when your cat’s body absorbs or produces more heat than it expels. Because...
  9. kind2creatures

    Natural Option for Flea Treatment

    Heard this advertised, and thought it was a possible alternative for those who have flea problems with their pets.
  10. kind2creatures

    Hot Weather Tips

    :sunshine: In summertime, the living isn’t always easy for our animal friends. Dogs and cats can suffer from the same problems that humans do, such as overheating, dehydration and even sunburn. By taking some simple precautions, you can celebrate the season and keep your pets happy and healthy...
  11. kind2creatures

    Aspirin Toxic To Cats

    From: One animal’s cure can be another animal’s poison. Take aspirin – it’s one of the most popular drugs on the market and we readily use it as a painkiller. But cats are extremely sensitive to aspirin...
  12. K

    Fat cats

    It isn't just humans who are facing an obesity crisis...
  13. kind2creatures

    Cat Health - Hairballs

    Hairballs Can Jeopardize Your Cat's Health by Marian Brown Cats spend up to one-third of their waking hours self-grooming. The tiny barbs on a cat's tongue pull loose hair from its coat and those hairs are swallowed. Because hair is very difficult to digest, it compacts with undigested food in...
  14. kind2creatures

    Milk Thistle for Pets

    Here's an excellent site with information on using Milk Thistle for liver health in pets, also other herb related links.
  15. scorpiotiger

    for Cat Lovers only

    ok.. Kevin, I see you have a cat on your avatar. so.. I don't think you will object to having a thread for the cat fanciers here. ;) Cats and Music: this cat loves the piano this cat is thinking... what the...??? just cute (you have to like cats for this one)