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    Osteoporosis Myth to Create Disease to Sell Pharmaceutical Drugs

    I agreed, by a doctors urging years ago, to undergo a bone scan for Osteoporosis. They told me that I had pre-Osteoporosis or Osteopenia, and insisted that I start taking high dose calcium supplements and return for another scan a few years later. Well, I never went back for another scan, or...
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    Vitamin K2 (MK-7) May Prevent Inflammation

    I've been using vitamin K2 for bone and arterial health, but it now is shown to be very helpful in preventing inflammation. Here are some more benefits of vitamin K2...
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    Evidence that Vitamin k2 Helps Chronic Inflammation

    I've been taking vitamin k2 for awhile now, for bone health and to keep the calcium in my bones and not in my arteries. I use the Source of Life brand K2, it's organic, gluten free, vegan, etc. Vitamin D3 should always be taken alongside of k2, as they work together. Here's some info about...
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    X-ray image of a woman in high heels

    Here is the Reddit discussion I found it at: x-ray of a womans foot in high heels.
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    Senior Muscle Function and Vitamin D

    An article from Energy Times that shows the benefits of vitamin D supplementation for aging muscles. Vitamin D May Boost Senior Muscle Function Vitamin D, a nutrient best known for boosting bone health, may help muscles, too. That’s the conclusion of a recent study that found a link...
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    Magnesium and Sudden Cardiac Death in Women

    Magnesium May Lower Sudden Death Risk in Women December 2010—Magnesium, a mineral that helps sustain a normal heartbeat, may lower a woman’s risk for sudden cardiac death, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Harvard scientists analyzed 26 years’ worth of...
  7. S

    Best form of Calcium and Magnesium?

    Which types of calcium and magnesium do you believe is the most bio available for the body to absorb?