1. revzen

    Eating Meat and Dairy is Wrong !

    On Thursday I watched a dude, Gary Yourofsky, give a powerful presentation about why we should not eat meat or consume any dairy products; and I became a vegan after being a vegetarian for 6 yrs. I am 6ft 1inch and weigh 226 lbs - 16 stones, and I was shocked, sickened and ashamed by our...
  2. happy2bhere

    NO GMO's for birdies, squirrels - PLEASE

    Just a thought (while seeing many people buying seed for winter animals): Well - how gmo are they? I buy organic. Yes, it costs a bit more - but the sunflowers and plants that happen from them are ORGANIC. NOT gmo. I refuse to ADD to the destruction of our planet by buying cheap seeds...
  3. liverock

    Why Animals Age -They Produce Less Vitamin C as They Get Older

    Bill Sardi on a question often asked, why do most animals have a short lifespan?
  4. kind2creatures

    Your Backyard Jungle

    Making your backyard into a natural wildlife environment...
  5. kind2creatures

    Preserving The Night

    Negative effects of artificial lighting. Complete Article...
  6. kind2creatures

    Not funny...but Cute

    Parrot and kitten friends (from
  7. liverock

    Hospital Patients Now Being Microchipped With "Electronic Tattoos"

    Learn more: Funny how the microchipping of living creatures appears to be stealthiy moving up the chain. First it was wild animals such as elephants,bears,tigers and birds to monitor their migratory...
  8. Y

    MMS2 For Animals

    Hello! I was wondering what is the protocol on treating animals with MMS2. My dog has bladder cancer and it is begining to obstruct one of the ureters. She does not weight more 7 kilos. There are no suppliers of MMS2 in Brazil, I will have to make MMS2 here. Packing calcium hypochlorite in...
  9. kind2creatures

    South Texas Water Tank Camera Shots

    From, some interesting camera coverage of a water tank in South Texas. by Rebecca on August 3, 2010 in Animal Pictures,Animals in the News Take a look at what shows up at a South Texas stock water tank in dry weather. For those of you that have never hunted in South Texas...