alternative medicine

  1. dawkstah

    Natural medicine

    I’d like to get an opinion of an ND/Phytotherapist/Aromatherapist/Alternative Medicine doctor on this case. Someone is preparing for a Marathon and asking you for advice on her physical preparation. What do you offer her in phytotherapy and aromatherapy? Indicate the dosage and how would you...
  2. PeterGrinspoon

    What is the medicinal use of cannabis?

    Medications based on active chemicals in medical marijuana, called cannabinoids, are very similar to chemicals produced by the human body. According to scientists, these chemicals could reduce inflammation and relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and assist in decreasing the use of opioids. They can...
  3. J

    An understanding of holistic medicine

    Until I first came to America I had never seen the northern sky. In Australia I was quite able to identify the constellations, but in America I couldn’t. I searched and searched for Orion’s belt, and in the end it was pointed out to me. After that I was able to find it easily. Now, we must...
  4. P

    Zinc as a Treatment for Depression

    Hello, I am a physician, though my speciality is in Preventive Medicine, not Psychiatry. Actually I spent ten years at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in an office dedicated to getting drugs for rare diseases to market and have worked for a number of years since as a consultant to...
  5. I


    Can anybody give me any information on Artemisinin as a cancer treatment such as dosage, whether it can be taken with anti-oxidants and when you can hope to see results? The information I can find is all vague and often contradictory. Thanks!
  6. A

    acupuncture or no acupuncture... that is the question

    hello everybody, i'm a 23 year old female. i suffer from headaches most days of the week and i've had them for as long as i remember, my mother also has them... even though they're not migraines, but they're very annoying and they're interfering with my job and my personal life. the last doctor...