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  1. Jadee777

    Making a Good Lifestyle Change

    Thank You best Side ✨🕉
  2. Jadee777

    Natural Ways to Fight Your Depression

    One of the best ways I overcome my depression and anxious thoughts is to study one of my agates or rocks and just look at all the beauty it has, look deep into its depths, see what mineral inclusions there are, sense it's energy. I will give you a couple of pictures to see what I mean and bring...
  3. Jadee777

    Making a Good Lifestyle Change

    🌹 Hello, For a while I have been struggling with my health and am coming up with a good plan to get my health and life back in balance. I am going to doing a thorough restructuring of my environment, looking to make necessary changes to my diet; I need to get some advice on what I need to do...