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    DMSO, MMS, Colloidal Silver

    I'm a long time believer in Colloidal Silver and even used it - along with Oil of Oregano to heal my lucky gut syndrome but I never ventured into using DMSO or MMS. I realize the body compounds are different between the three (DMSO, MMS and Colloidal Silver) but can anyone explain what are the...
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    NEW probiotic on the market

    Does this make sense that a probiotic contains SUGAR. magnesium stearate & dyes? Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose (for even dispersal of cultures), hypromellose (vegetarian capsule shell), sugar, magnesium stearate (for even dispersal of cultures), milk protein†, titanium...
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    Just Greens?

    While I was healing my leaky gut syndrome (and couldn’t digest pill supplements) I found "good nutrient" in the form of protein shakes (I added liquid vitamins to). But alone they don't contain decent quality amounts - although it may have aided in my healing I always felt like something was...
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    Hello Folks

    OoPs ... I made two post's before I found this introductory section so pardon me but I wanted to give everyone a proper acknowlegement. As I explained to Arrow in one of those post's - I was an active member many years ago on the "other" forum (until I had no tolerance for the nonsense posters...
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    Root canal care

    Hello - I’m a 47 y/o female and always had healthy teeth and gums. I take doctor grade supplements (Pure Encapsulation) that a attribute to my good health today. About a 1 ½ years ago I cracked a top back tooth (#18) and went to the dentist as an emergency visit. I was told I needed root canal...