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  1. Merriwether

    COPD and Grape Seed Extract

    Good find! Grape seed extracts have been studied a lot by scientists and found to help with everything from blood pressure to hot flashes. The US government's National Library of Medicine/National Center for Biotechnology Information is an excellent source for scientific papers on all sorts of...
  2. Merriwether

    What is your favorite fruit? Why do you like it?

    Another watermelon lover here, especially sprinkled with a little salt!
  3. Merriwether

    Does use of Valerian cause vivid, frighting dreams?

    Yes, vivid dreams are a known side effect of valerian which is why it's used in a number of lucid dreaming formulations. The compounds suspected to cause these dreams are classified as "iridoid glycosides" which are know to stimulate both the serotonin and opioid systems in the brain. This leads...
  4. Merriwether

    Idea for Super Nutritious ACV Tincture

    Vinegar infusions have been a traditional method of storing medicinal herbs for thousands of years. The high acid content "pickles" the herbs, preventing growth of dangerous bacteria. However, to make sure you don't exceed the protection of the vinegar you don't want to have too much herbs...
  5. Merriwether

    Is there any real 100% safe way of using nicotine on a long term basis?

    Just a note from a wild edibles/medicinal plant instructor who's studied a lot of ethnobotanical the journals of Lewis and Clark it's mentioned that during most of the peace pipe ceremonies the Native Americans would all start farting. This really annoyed Lewis and Clark, coming...