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    Law Of Circulation

    I think this is good advice on going thru life. The more you give, the more you get. You give nothing, you get nothing. The more you hold on tight to it all, the more tight your life. Keep it flowing. Accept a compliment with a nice thank you....don't fight it. Give compliments in...
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    Pandora's Lab (Book)

    I have NOT read this book but have read some others along it's lines over my many years. I don't see an area for books here so I'll post this here for anyone's interest.
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    Sleep Apnea Business is Booming

    Here is a report on this booming business. And WEIGHT issues seem to be a major culprit in all these pushes for devices to sleep. Right now there is a suit being...
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    My Good Eye Health & What I Do To Get That

    I''m 81 soon and have worn corrective lens since about 19, for distance and then later for reading..right eye is lazy so I've seen my eye docs in my life. I was told at about 60, cataracts are coming so be prepared, I got to work on eye supports and doing just fine at almost 81. What I use...
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    Lawsuit to END Fluoridation
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    4 Cancer Models and Grape Seed Extract I started with Pycnogenol back in 1995 and a year later found Grape Seed Extract and this is my prevention, I believe. So 24 yrs.
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    Hidden Dangers of Mammograms

    I had 2 mammograms in my early 50's and none since and I'm 80. My mamms are: Grape Seed Extract and 1 drop of Iosol iodine daily. I see there are many posts on mammograms but here is one more...
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    40-50 yrs of telling us Cholesterol is to be feared

    They have it backwards, it's all coming out. We need cholesterol and I don't worry about chol but it took some thinking and talking and reading to make up my mind.
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    Is the Silent Killer phrase a "made up"

    Fear Tactic by Pharma. I have my BP under control but did end up on BP meds and would like not to be but I tried for a long time to get the numbers down. I know BP changes about every second of the day but this Silent Killer word puts fear in so many and hence they end up on BP meds for life...
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    Chiropractor in a Bottle-Solomon's Seal

    I just ordered my 4 oz bottle and I shall see, if it does 1/4 of what it says, I'll be one happier person. Amazon has a lot of...
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    Are we Allergic to Fluorides (added waste byproduct)

    I have NOT used used fluoride TP for years, don't know if I ever did. I'm 80. And in the anti fluoride battle in our country to overturn this practice....major lawsuit against the EPA coming up in 2019.
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    What Every Patient should know about Synthroid

    and how the guidelines came about. $$$$$$$ Read it. Here is a recent article from Mary Shomon:
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    MMS - Who knows about it and what about it
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    Muscle Testing - Anyone Else do this AK work ?

    I've been doing MT and pendulum work for probably 20 it.
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    The Science and POLITICS of Cancer There is a lot of info from G. Edward Griffin on this subject. 35 Words That Affect us All
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    Anyone working with CBD oils

    I doing some work with several types I've purchased now for Pain and can't get it right for me. Any comments from those out there. Can it work, if one gets the right strength and dose?
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    DHEA and Grape Seed Extract and Erectile Dsyfunction

    This is a discussion on another group and the men are trying to work with Viagra I threw out what could really be useful and DHEA needed as levels drop as we age.' On Grape Seed Extract and ED
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    7 Serious Dis-Eases Linked to EBV

    I didn't realize how serious this virus COULD be...a person on another group was talking about his gf with Lupus and how her hips have been eaten away with steroids and she's in a wheelchair waiting for hip replacements. Then my sister died last year after a long battle with MS and mega drugs...
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    Never Leave Babies/Small Children Alone

    in a room UNATTENDED with animals in room. I'm hearing a heart breaking story this weekend about a 3 month old killed by a family dog...grandmother was baby sitting and left baby alone to get it's bottle and the dog(s) killed the baby. I won't publish link but one can find it as it's a...
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    Legal Lawsuit on Fluoride against EPA

    I'm bursting at this information just in...Decades of this toxin in our waters.