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  1. waxing gibbous

    Vitamin D for Teeth

    I take a lot of Vitamin D, and although as an adult, I never seem to have enough money to make up for all the negligent and horrific dental work that was done on me as a State Ward (including sanding the enamel off my front teeth after removing my braces after they'd been on for three years), I...
  2. waxing gibbous

    Hormone Imbalance & Weight Gain

    Parsley isn't safe to eat a lot of when you're pregnant though. And nettle is only safe/good in the last week of pregnancy. I still think if you want to bring yourself up to a base level of health in terms of any burn out, that's the way to go. At least then you can really see what the true...
  3. waxing gibbous

    Pendulum Dowsing and/or Muscle Testing for Supps and Other Stuff

    Was the prediction correct about the president? Or is the pendulum still swinging?
  4. waxing gibbous

    motor neurone disease

    I have a friend with it. It makes him very tired, and restricts his movement. It is mostly stress-related, but is also compounded by him coping with the illness though various addictions which keep him unhealthy. I think that dealing with stress in healthy ways, and getting rid of harmful...
  5. waxing gibbous

    Oral Polio Vaccine can cause Polio

    Polio eradication is something to be proud of, whereas cheap vaccines used on the world's poor that end up causing disease is a crime, and its something people used to protest about twenty years ago, before there were enews articles to share on facebook, about how the Left was highly critical of...
  6. waxing gibbous

    Natural Hair Care

    From what I've read about certain plastics, you wouldn't want to be putting that stuff on your head. I have psoriasis so I have to avoid chemicals. Beer and eggs have also been recommended to me while camping, and I found this ok. Coconut oil is nice, and then just massage the scalp in the...
  7. waxing gibbous

    Itchy eyes with no irritation

    Maybe a vague fungal infection that the geranium was reacting to? Or something similar causing very subtle dermatitis?
  8. waxing gibbous

    Ear infection and medical establishment screwup

    I'm also glad in hindsight for having got an ear infection, as it eliminated tinnitus and congestion in one side of my head. I'm be very grateful to be rid of it in the other side too. I think reishi tincture brought it on.
  9. waxing gibbous

    Advancing OA and what is helping me now

    Would that be generally good for stomach problems/irritations/injuries?
  10. waxing gibbous

    Liver/Gallbladder Issues?

    I know someone with Hep C who came back from really bad liver damage by drinking Milk Thistle tea. Its well-studied, though there are some claims it can have adverse effects.
  11. waxing gibbous

    Hepatitis C, MSM & Liver Health

    But it could be the medications too. Or that they're not really being healthy. Or that they have other compounded health problems from their previously trashy lifestyle.
  12. waxing gibbous

    What is the Erectile Dysfunction Treatments?

    Treatment of erectile dysfunction in mammals of planet Earth could involve taking a hormonal supplement which supplies the building blocks of stress and sex hormones, such as pregnenolone. Because progesterone can either be made into stress hormones or sex hormones, cutting down on...
  13. waxing gibbous

    Near-meat and meat not nutritionally equivalent

    I can't find a list in that study of what near-meat products were tested. Did they test fermented mycomeat? Its pretty new, so maybe it isn't 'popular' enough yet to be on the list. To me, just testing popular things comes across like an attempt to start a political debate rather than cool one...
  14. waxing gibbous

    BITCOIN Digital Currency Boom - Are You Using It?

    Privacy, but we don't have that anymore anyway. And storing surplus. Bitcoin that is held in trust for a timeperiod in order to fund worthy projects seems worthwhile. Different blockchain projects which require the movement of currency can be promising.
  15. waxing gibbous

    Drink hot tea daily to fight glaucoma

    I drink a lot of black tea. Always have since I was a kid. A habit I adopted early from a parent.
  16. waxing gibbous

    Hepatitis C, MSM & Liver Health

    People can clean up their act and still die tragically young after being diagnosed with Hep C.
  17. waxing gibbous

    Increased Premiums and Major Health Insurers Dropping Out

    This being an old post, I guess this makes it more poignant that the USA is having issues, pulling out of Afghanistan during a national health crisis.
  18. waxing gibbous

    Ear infection and medical establishment screwup

    I've successfully treated bad symptoms with a peppermint, onion and garlic sulphur inhallation.
  19. waxing gibbous

    Anyone want to discuss joint replacements?

    Speaking of vicious cycles, my grandmother died from this. Corticosteroids can take years and years off your life. Its complicated, and it is a really effective thing in the short term for inflammation. Its a choice, I think. If it improves your quality of life. She was the first woman in her...
  20. waxing gibbous

    Gerson Therapy, your opinion please?

    The statistics in China, as China industrialised, and women started eating more meat and dairy, a lot of processed meat and dairy, is overwhelmingly clear. They were calling women's cancers 'rich women's disease'. I would try the PSK and PSP turkeytail extracts for breast cancer.