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    Recently I heard of two cases, old male and female in early forties in different countries. Both have heart conditions of which I can give no specifics. Viagra was prescribed for both patients. Comments anyone????
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    President Obama's failure to sway the vote in favour of Chicago as site of the 2016 Olympics must have left a bitter taste in his mouth. I was surprised to learn that the President of the most powerful nation on earth had time to engage in that type of activity. I thought that his hands were...
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    Phone scam?

    234 705 935 4902 I saw that number as I went through my missed calls this morning. I called the number and a man with an African accent answered. He spoke like the Nigerian doctors who work in T & T. He told me that he was doing some programme where cell numbers were selected at random from...
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    Vitamin C ???

    The following is what I understood from an e-mail I got from a friend. A Taiwanese woman died suddenly. She had signs of bleeding from the ears, nose and mouth. After an autopsy, it was determined that death was due to arsenic poisoning. The arsenic was believed to have been produced in...