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  1. Lodestar

    Funny but also Tragic

    This link will explain all I think.
  2. Lodestar

    Ear Cleaning the natural and safe way

    By no means the worst thing in the world. But I really do have to clean my ears out rather regularly. I grew up like it to be honest although as I got older I became even more aware of it. Unfortunately I did not do the best thing and used Cotton Tips to clear them out. Even then in between...
  3. Lodestar

    Irritating and persistant rash on my finger.

    Over summer I had some skin peel off due to being dry on the inside of my middle finger. I thought nothing of it. But it developed into something of a heat/sweat rash. Unfortunately it has been quite some weeks and it rather seems to be both peeling and slowly spreading with itchy lumps. It...
  4. Lodestar

    Energy Medicine Machines

    Well a few months ago I stopped a long comprehensive detox which included nutritional therapy and a little homeopathy and other natural medicones here and there. The nutrionalist who I was consulting used an energy medicine machine which basically measured stress and weakness of the organs and...
  5. Lodestar

    Embarrassing but have to ask (anal itch)

    Ok so Ill come right out with it. For nearly two months now I have had a very irritating itch inside my anus. Not alot of fun I can assure you. Has good days and bad days but I just left it in the hope it would go on its own which it hasent. This morning after being woken up by it I decided to...
  6. Lodestar

    One answer to health issue leads to another

    Well after two years I finally found out why my teeth and jaws have been causing me pain and discomfort during detox. Particularly during taking Magnesium Chloride baths and MMS. Readers familar with my posts may recall me mentioning this plight a couple of times. It was actually very simple...
  7. Lodestar

    Antifungal debate

    So I have had some success so far with eliminating many infections in the last 2 or so years. But still it occurs to me I am not yet there. Particularly in the case of what I beleive is fungus. I have used a low carb and high protein diet with lots of oils to help along with many other...
  8. Lodestar

    Early Retirement

    This gave me a chance to at least laugh off the current economic crisis when I saw this email from my borther. Decided to share it
  9. Lodestar

    Recommendations about toothpaste

    So Years back I quit using off the shelf fluoride toothpaste and had all my amalgm fillings taken out and replaced with white ones. Good for me Im sure you will agree. But I have to confess I am not so fond of the toothpaste I have been using. While it is not as toxic as the main brands out...
  10. Lodestar

    Help for sensitive teeth

    I have found regular brushing with MMS helps keep my abcess and other things under control. However, I get very sensitive teeth and eating is not alot of fun. Does anyone know a good natural way of coping with sensitive teeth?
  11. Lodestar

    MMS and clay

    Hi all If you have been reading lately you will know I have been preparing myself to take MMS orally again after a break for a few months. I had only been taking it breifly but had a nasty and painful cleansing crisis that lead to me having to stop and restrategise. Well I have a plan in...
  12. Lodestar

    Any Releif for Connective Tissue Pain?

    I would just like to ask around the forum users here if they are familar with any pain management supplements to take for connective tissue pain. During my detox of the last year and a half I have found that my connective tissue is very stressed and full of toxins. I have found a great deal...
  13. Lodestar

    Hello all

    Hi forum community. Im a 31 year old man from North England on something of a health kick for quite some time. What led me to such a health quest was when I finally succummbed to digestive disorders and chronic fatigue. I had always had them even at an early age but about 12 years ago when I...