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  1. PetryG

    Forest Bathing for Healthy, Peaceful Mind

    Forest bathing is definitely so beneficial. I did this vlog on forest bathing and meditating in a forest in New Zealand if you want to check it out:
  2. PetryG

    Brain Fog Supplement

    I would try this method called Brain Wave Vibration - it only takes 10 minutes and I sometimes go to a quiet room in my office during work and clear my brain fog. There's a routine here that really helps me:
  3. PetryG

    Can not sleep

    Try "toe tapping!" It helps me with insomnia so much!! There's a video explaining it here:
  4. PetryG

    Anyone else have any advice for insomnia?

    I would definitely try "toe tapping." It brings your awareness into your body and brings your anxious thoughts down. It really helps me doing it about 100 times before I fall asleep, which only takes about 10 minutes. There's this video of how to do it here: