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    Varicose Eczema

    Hi All, Has anyone got any idea on treating varicose Eczema. Thanks for any help
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    Nail bed infection

    I thought I would just let everone know that I successfully treated a nail bed infection that completely destroyed my nail and it is now growing normally. I treated it by making up MMS 4/20 and mixing with about 30ml of water to dilute, then soaking and rubbing my affested nail in the water for...
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    Asthma and mms

    My wife has just starting using an inhaler for asthma and we were wondering how to take MMS with regard to leaving 4 hours between taking it and using medication when she has to use her inhaler 4 times a day. Also if itis still safe to use MMS when using an inhaler.
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    Waterproofing - mms

    Hi all, I have been taking MMS for around 3 months now, it took some getting used to with the nausea and the taste, but I have sorted all that now. I kept reducing back down and then increased daily again till I got to the 15 drops. I started taking it in apple juice but after a while i went off...