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    Hauser (nutritionist)

    Anyone heard of a guy called Gayelord Hauser? He was a nutritionist who seemed to have been way ahead of his time, writing books in the 40s and 50s. Most of what he says makes a lot of sense (though he was laughed at, at the time, as being a fanatic/freak). Some things he says we would raise an...
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    Hi Everyone

    I joined a couple of days ago and completely missed this part of the forum! So have already posted my question.:oops: But anyway, here's a brief intro: I live in the UK and have a strong interest in natural health and want to live to be 100, but only if I'm healthy! Last year, my mother...
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    size loss v. weight loss

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here, from the UK and have a question. Five years ago, I was slim and toned. It happened by 'accident'; I was walking a 10 mile hike once a week for the previous year and the muscles just got toned! Then life got in the way and I stopped the hike. Instead, I spent much of...