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  1. emelyblunt

    Peptides - Testoluten

    Does anyone have any experience with peptides like Testoluten? Thanks.
  2. emelyblunt


    I am mapping out a TREN/TEST cycle and have responded very well to them in the pat i ran test-sus 350 and tren-e 200 i seen great results but now i want to run tren ace and test p but don't know if I will see any different benefits other than the obvious with the fast esters such as e.g…, kicks...
  3. emelyblunt


    Having success with BPC-157 in the past I recently ordered more from two different vendors I had not used in the past. To my surprise the quantity of powder is vastly different (more) than that from two other vendors I used in the past… I also ordered peptides and the quantity seemed high as...
  4. emelyblunt


    I have anxiety...My doc advised me CBD. Just one question - its really work?