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    CBD Oil Recommendations

    I consider myself pretty well-educated on natural supplements and the like but I am bewildered by the number of CBD oils and formats currently on the market. The difficult part being that it is so expensive. Do any makers offer samples? Has anyone here have considerable personal experience with...
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    Year 2016: Take Control of Your Own Health!

    It's difficult to cut the ties with the conventional medical industry especially if you have health insurance that pays for procedures, drugs, etc. But regardless of that now is the time to take control of your own health and stop relying on the failed medical system of drugs, vaccines and...
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    Conventional Allopathic Medicine is the Real "Quackery", Right?

    I mean, really. When conventional medicine pushes chemo, radiation that fail over 95% of the time, as well as dangerous, non-effective steroids and prescription medicine for everything under the sun and want to keep patients on meds for life, not to mention over 81 vaccines (and counting) for...
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    Use of Herbal Teas - Survey!

    I have lately sworn off coffee (as of 1 year ago) and have become a regular consumer of herbal teas of various types, including yerba mate (incredible!) dandelion red rooibos green ginger Can anyone else share their experience, good or bad, with herbal teas? Which do you drink regularly...
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    Legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana

    Seems like a good idea, right? But really, what are the overall long term health benefits? Smoking it cannot be beneficial to lung and respiratory health. Actually detrimental, I would think. I am totally against it. I cannot imagine healthy people like myself (long distance runners) and other...
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    Robin Roberts, Cancer, Dianne Sawyer & Stupidity

    In many ways I admire ABC News, Dianne Sawyer, Robin Roberts, etc. ABC at least has shown tolerance over the years for having an open mind when it comes to gay issues. Live and let live is a good thing. We all know of reporter Robin Roberts' ongoing battles with cancer. But this supposedly...