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  1. Healthyman

    The Healing Power of Therapeutic-Quality Fulvic Acid

    Thank you proudtulsan for letting the community know. I'd like to try some. Can you PM me the brand or mention it here please? My e-mail is if you'd prefer to e-mail me. Thanks!
  2. Healthyman

    Hidden Ancient Skill( The Ability To Make Your Body Tingle)

    This is a very sad post. I hope H.S.T. is still alive. I read the post carefully and I doubt whatever the adrenaline-based ability that's being referred to is different than chi. According to TCM, everything is chi- even orgone energy. As a layman I've studied: TCM, Hatha yoga, Thai Yoga & sen...
  3. Healthyman

    Nail bed infection

    Hello, would someone please explain to me what MMS 4/20 means? I have purchased multiple books by Jim Humble but still can't figure it out. I have a nail root bacterial infection underneath my toe's cuticle and after reading this post I plan on soaking it in some diluted MMS1 like jumiclads did...