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Default Crystallized Ginger

Does crystallized ginger have the same health benefits of dried ginger?
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Default Crystallized ginger as compared to dried ginger

Hello folks,

I think crystallized ginger should be used for what it is meant to be, a sugary treat. It is certainly better than other options, but it can't be considered a healthy habit, like eating ginger root in either dried or fresh form. Ginger tea with fresh lemon juice and a bit of raw honey is wonderful to taste and balancing for your body.

Crystallized ginger is ginger root soaked in sugar water. Most of its weight is pure cane sugar. Cane sugar, like all refined sweeteners, should be consumed minimally if at all. Refined sugars actively promote imbalance in your immune system, all forms of arthritis, and tooth decay.

Ginger root is one of my all time favorite herbs. While working at health food stores for the past few years, I made a daily habit of taking a shot of pure ginger juice. It's a bit stout, to be sure, but I love it. I could actually feel a noticeable increase in vital energy and a pleasant warming sensation in my body within moments of drinking it. Wonderful stuff.

The health benefits of ginger and ginger juice are impressive. The basics are that it promotes good digestion, circulation, and works as an anti-inflammatory. In addition to these benefits, ginger root also helps absorption of other nutrients and boosts the immune system.

I would definitely choose ginger candy (crystallized ginger) over many other forms of candy but, candy is still candy. Stick with real ginger.
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Spirit Raintree, can you provide a link to Ginger Juice? I've never seen it.
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Hello Arrowwind,

Here is a link to a company that sells straight-up ginger juice. Good quality, from my personal experience. They add citric acid, presumably as a mold inhibitor/preservative, but other than that it's pure.

Most of the articles I find on the internet talk about the whole root form rather than the juice. The same site has a section of articles regarding the benefits of ginger for health.

When I was doing ginger shots, I was working as the nutritionist at a large scale health food co-op. They juiced ginger and I took 1-3 ounces a day. Zesty! Packed a punch but made me feel great. Now that I am working independently, I juice my own and either take it straight or mixed with other vegetable juices.

Hope this information is useful. Thank you for being such a positive influence on this forum. I admire your objectivity. Have a great day!
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