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Default Taking MMS for the H1N1 Flu

This is straight from Jim Humble's website:

Suggested Procedure for Using MMS as a Flu Deterrent or Remedy:

1. In a cup or glass mix 1 drop of MMS with 5 drops of unfiltered vinegar or fresh lemon juice. Swirl and wait three minutes for activation to be completed.

2. .Add � glass of water or juice that does not have added ascorbic acid or vitamin C (Vitamin C prevents proper functions of this solution). Drink this whole amount as quickly as possible.

3. If you felt absolutely no change during this first hour, go ahead and go to 2 drops on the second hour. (Always use 5 drops of vinegar or lemon juice for each drop of MMS, and of course, the three minute wait) Go to 3 drops on the third hour if you have not felt any change in nausea) The nausea is not bad. It indicates that the MMS is killing pathogens. But do not cause yourself nausea by taking more. Over time increase to a maximum of 6 drops MMS with 30 drops of the acid. If you weigh over 200 pounds then 10 drops might be the maximum.

Keep in mind that most people will not go over 3 or 4 drops an hour before they begin to feel added nausea. Upon any sensation of nausea, they must reduce the number of drops by at least one drop. Nausea occurs when MMS is killing germs and viruses faster than your elimination system can handle the debris. There is no benefit in tolerating nausea.

4. Continue taking MMS each hour for 12 hours. The flu should be gone by the end of 12 hours; however, in any case, do not stop taking MMS until you are sure you have recovered. If you still feel flu symptoms the next day be sure to continue on the same hourly doses. Children can have the same treatment except be extra cautious to prevent nausea or sick feeling. Do this by using smaller doses. Increase by 1/2 drop each time and never go above 3 drops an hour.

5. Continue to take a six drop dose twice a day for the next week or two.

6. To prevent the flu and maintain you immune system in top condition take one 6 drop dose of MMS every day for adults and children should take a dose each day depending upon their age or size. Use 1 drop for each 25 pounds of body weight, and 1 drop for babies.

Educational information about MMS has been collected at this site where there are no marketing or purchase options. Click here: https://MMS-education.com

MMS can be purchased from various labs and MMS resellers, visible on the Internet search engines.

It remains to be seen if one or another flu strain will develop into a serious epidemic. A number of people die each year from influenza and other typical flu viruses but those events are rarely classified as an �epidemic� or health emergency. By the end of May 2009, the Center for Disease Control will have official statements about the severity of the virus.

Some researchers argue that there are risks associated with stockpiled flu vaccines. Most vaccines are preserved not only with mercury but also with aluminum � heavy metals that scientists claim are harmful to nerves, glands, and brains � long-term.

Vaccine critics argue that it is contradictory to state that Swine Flu is new, quite unlike any flu virus seen before, while at the same time promoting millions of stockpiled vaccine vials that were manufactured months or years prior to any given outbreak. If a new strand of virus is "new and different� then older vaccines will probably be useless. Numerous Internet articles expose the debate about vaccine effectiveness as is shown when searching for terms such as �vaccine risks.�

Recent laws passed by Congress make the government immune from law suits if a government vaccine appears to cause harm or damage to one�s health. This immunity applies even if you are forced to receive a shot by military or federal officials.

MMS is in daily use by at least 230,000 individuals since its public release in 2006. No one has died from its use � even when they mixed it backwards � or overdosed by mistake. If you read the articles at the MMS-Education site [ Here ] you will learn how MMS distinguishes accurately between normal living body cells and unwanted pathogens.

MMS is attracted to germs and viruses because it seeks to rip electrons out of the walls of pathogens, causing them to implode and die. Swine Flu viruses have electrons to give up and MMS will never know that this virus was a slightly different viral strain.

For further swine flu information, click here to read the exact Swine Flu Protocol at https://jimhumble.biz/swineflu5.htm .

See also the humanitarian project defined at https://JimHumbleFoundation.org

Jim Humble at The Institute for Advanced MMS Studies, LLC. Contact: [email protected]

CONTACT INFO: Before writing to the MMS Institute about specific disease questions you should visit the knowledge base and click on various diseases that may be of interest. Click here: https://MMSanswers.com
An E-mail contact address is provided there.
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Default baby,child

what about baby or 5 year old? What is the drop amount? A baby can not tell about not feeling well from drops...Thank you,
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