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Default Low-Dose GABA (and Theanine) May Calm Stress

In the study, seven males and six females aged 21 to 35 received either 100 mg of GABA in distilled water, 100 mg of theanine (a component found in green tea known to help decrease anxiety9) in distilled water, or placebo (just distilled water). For 1 hour after drinking their assigned sample the patients had their brain waves measured at 0, 30, and 60 minutes for 5-minute segments during which alpha and brain waves were measured.

The researchers found that while both GABA and L-theanine increased alpha brain waves and decreased theta brain waves (which is indicative of a decrease in stress)10, GABA’s effect on alpha and theta brain waves was far more significant. Specifically, alpha waves in the GABA group were 60% higher than in the placebo group and 20% higher than in the L-theanine group. Theta waves in the GABA group were 47% lower than in the placebo group and 23% lower than in the L-theanine group.

For the researchers, “Oral administration of…GABA…works effectively within 1 hour to diminish stress, worry, anxiety, and may allow the brain to focus and concentrate better” and that “GABA administration could elevate the human immunity through its relaxant and [anxiety-relaxing] effects.”
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