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Default Post Cipro Natural Treatment

A year or so ago I began to get a dull ache in the testicle region. Prescribed ten day Cipro. Better on, back with d/c.
14 day Bactrim. Same.
Went to urologist. 30 day Docycyclin.
Same. Manageable while on, hell when off.
Ultrasound. Nothing there.
Moved to big city. Went to another urologist.
Medrol steroid pack. no effect.
Cipro 1000mg a day for 14 days, 500 a day for 60 days.
I know, a nightmare doseage. BUt when you are facing carving on your private parts....you'll give it a shot.

Once again manageable while on but seems to have not cleared up whatever is there.

The Cipro is over and I am looking for a good post-antibiotic treatment to get my body back right.

Been taking probiotics the whole time.

any help, much appreciated.
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Well, since you are responsive to antibiotics but it is not curative is is most likely some kind of pathogen or microbe.

You can look into MMS and see the thread for this on this forum.
I would also look into allimed as another option. Both are great antimicrobials.
you can read about allimed here:
MRSA Alternative Treatment with Allicin - Testimonial Updated 4/16/08

Now I understand that you don't have MRSA but this product should be just as effective against a wide range of pathogens.

Iodine may also be another option and you can read about that on healthsalon also.
It has been used for infections for a very long time.

I hope you are taking a lot of probiotics!
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