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    Ticks as Weapons

    Published on World War 4 Report (http://ww4report.com) "BIONOIA" Part 3 The Mystery of Plum Island: Nazis, Ticks and Weapons of Mass Infection by Mark Sanborne In Part 2 of this series, which ran in our February issue, journalist and researcher Mark Sanborne looked back at how the US, which...
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    Medical Revisionists Threaten Effective Lyme Treatment

    Medical Revisionists Threaten Effective Lyme Treatment by DR. RAPHAEL B. STRICKER A small group of scientists is turning the world of Lyme disease on its head. They deny the existence of chronic Lyme disease. They insist there is no "credible scientific evidence" for persistent infection...
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    Know Thine Enemy and How they think - from Medscape

    From Medscape General Medicine™ Readers' and Author's Responses to "Information on Complementary and Alternative Medicine in US Government Databases Is Biased" Posted 08/29/2006 Kevin Spellman, RH(AHG), MCPP; Zdenek Smrcka, MD; John S. Winterle, PhD; Christopher M. Papa, MD; Randy Beckett, DC...