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    Diverticular Disease (Diverticulosis)

    Florida Diver, its good to see that those natural products work for you ,and thanks for sharing, Psyllium husk is also very good for getting rid of cholesterol,as well as Lecithin, I have a good tablespoon of Psyllium on my oats for breakfast.
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    Elbow bursitis

    Hello saved1986 you could try Laser accupuncture, it worked for me for quite a while, trouble is I sit too much, or Bowen therapy is also very good if you have a qualified practitioner in your area, no pain with either treatments. I hope you find something that helps.
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    Post Cellulitus

    I don't know much about Cellulitus, but if you are taking Statins you will get leg pain and neuropathy, which could last for years unless you take U biquinol,I stopped taking Statin many years ago and went for natural cures for cholesterol.
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    Small fruit benifits eyes

    Cape Gooseberry, a small fruit with many benifits and easy to grow.I am growing some to help with eyesight. https://ayushology.com/health-benefits-of-fruits/amazing-health-benefits-of-cape-gooseberry/
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    Kombucha Benefits

    This might help https://www.kombucharesearch.com/kombucha-questions-answered/starter-tea-scoby-brewing-kombucha/
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    High Blood Pressure fear and Don't want Pharma Drug????

    No, he does take his BP once a day though,and with the heart condition he has he can tell when his BP is high. Actually the powder is called L-Citrulline.
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    High Blood Pressure fear and Don't want Pharma Drug????

    Hubby takes L-Citraline powder when his BP gets too high which works very well, just 1 to 3 grams 2 times daily but he only takes it when BP gets too high.
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    Oscillococcinum - My Flu Remedy

    I take 1 1000 mg L-Lysine tablet daily which helps ward of colds and flu, and cold sores, I cant remember the last time I The flu.
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    Rinitadine for heartburn / indigestion, being withdrawn from sale

    In Australia because it is causing cancer.
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    Beware the dangers of braces

    Teeth may look realy good once they have been straightened ,but there are side affects of teeth straightening,as has happened with Granddaughter, and it now looks as if she might have to have some false teeth. https://www.blodgettdentalcare.com/can-braces-cause-gum-recession/
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    Jack fruit

    Thank you Rosiecont,do you cook the Jack fruit you eat and how do you cook it? or do you eat it as it is? I haven't tried it yet.
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    Jack fruit

    Has anyone on here tried Jack Fruit and if so how do you like it?
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    Another cell phone study - beware

    I not only worry about the cell phone emmisions,but also the towers that transmit for cell phones,we have two very close to our home,within about 200 metres of us,and I believe they have just updated them to 5G now. We would like to move but unfortunately not possible,at the moment.
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    Hamstring exercise

    Looks like a good exerscise http://myfiveminuteyoga.com/681/five-minute-yoga-challenge-roll-your-feet-on-a-tennis-ball-to-loosen-your-hamstrings/
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    Bowen therapy/Bowtech

    Our son who is a teacher and practicioner of Bowen therapy has been treating my shoulder and it is helping, it is also very good for other complaints. this man and his wife were taught by Mr Tom Bowen, and our son has also had some lessons from Ossie Rentsch,Ossie travels all over the world...