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    Russell Brand

    Wow! If you haven't heard Russell Brand before you're in for a treat. http://topinfopost.com/2014/01/07/russell-brand-exposes-the-truth-everything-is-energy-frequency-vibration-consciousness
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    Grinding in joints

    Do you guys know what causes grinding in joints? There are a couple areas in my joints that grind when I move them a certain way. Another thing I notice is that my right hip will pop when I start on the recumbant bike. I'm worried if these issues aren't addressed that the hip will be broken...
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    How to organize health information

    Hi guys, How do you organize and keep track of your important health information? Do you save it on your computer, in files or in a personal library? I've got so much paperwork, studies, testimonials, etc. on paper and it's time to get this put somewhere so it's easily accessible.
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    How are supplements with extracts made

    Does anyone else wonder how a supplement can have an extract put into pill form? No other filler is listed on the ingredient container. Sometimes I'll see rice as a filler and I'm guessing the manufacturer takes the liquid extract and cooks the rice in it, then dehydrates it so it can be...
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    Strong teeth

    What would you guys do if you wanted to make sure your child's teeth developed properly?
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    Arthritis development

    I'm concerned that arthritis is developing in my feet. I hobble out of bed and stammer for the first 15 steps or so. This is related to being immobile from a severe burn on my feet. Each morning I think I should be good as new but it's just as sore as the morning before. Any ideas?
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    Black Cumin - Nigella seed recipes

    Has this spice been used for a long time throughout history? Seems just recently I've heard about it. This seed is popular in the Middle East and has a ton of health benefits (they say). Does anyone have a way to use Black Cumin seeds that they would like to share? I purchased a pound of...
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    Essaic tea needs Sorrel Roots

    Essiac tea has saved many lives from cancer and other health issues. I've taken it at various times with no apparent health enhancement. In my research, I came across this information that states the tea must have the roots of sorrel to be effective. Most companies sell only the leaves...
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    Do you avoid potassium sorbate

    I purchased some liquid chlorophyll because I thought it would be very convenient to add to drinks but it has potassium sorbate and many of the other liquid products such as colloidal minerals has it as well. Do you guys avoid it because it is anti-mold, bacterial and fungal and could be toxic...
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    How do you detox plastics, round up....

    There are different chelators that attract metals like chlorella or clay so they can be excreted from the body; What would detox years of eating pesticides like DDT or Round Up, (which are still in the environment) and plastics from saran wrap or water bottles?
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    Need anti-inflammatory ideas

    What are some really good anti-inflammatories? I think I need it in my next phase of healing for my burn. Is taking tumeric as good as the supplement curcumin which comes from turmeric? Has anyone ever used natural anti-inflammatories instead of over the counter drugs?
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    Help with internet searches

    Hi guys! I don't if it's just me but it is very difficult to find good articles and videos in particular of natural healing topics. AOL somehow has become my search engine. It's driving me crazy because I can't research stuff like I use to.
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    Severe burn - help!

    Are you there? I just burned myself really badly. The skin is peeling off and the pain is intense. I'm spraying colloidal silver on it and will be putting aloe vera on soon. What else can I do?Are you there? I just burned myself really badly. The skin is peeling off and the pain is...
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    No more candida!

    I had an iridology reading done this past weekend and she said I have a weak liver, low minerals, anemia, sluggish digestion and low oxygen levels......BUT I HAVE NO CANDIDA and I was the only person all day who didn't have it. Phew, at least I don't have candida. lol
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    Took my daughter to see an iridologist

    We went last weekend and the iridologist said my daughter had a sensitive digestive system, some candida, low minerals and a sensitive nervous system. She said to give her 1 tsp. of colloidal silver for 30 days, fresh squeezed vegetable juices, blended salads with a raw egg yolk, BioKult...