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    Prostate health

    Hi all, I have a question about my husband's PSA. He just had his yearly lab work done, and his PSA came 3.7. His doctor told him that is too high and to do a free PSA test and see him in a week. He feels a very slight discomfort, maybe a small infection? The urinalysis came negative. There...
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    Need help with Tapeworms

    Hi all, a friend of mine is on something called Alinia for tapeworm, she said she tested positive by a saliva test, I thought stool tests showed that, but anyway, the medication is making her so sick, so I wanted to know if anyone here has tried something natural for tapeworms with success...
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    Urine pH

    I just read an article on urine alkalosis, it states that a urine pH of above 6 is bad, and irritates the tissue of the bladder and is a good environment for bacteria. I am intentionally alkalizing urine! I thought the opposite is true, and that urine should test between 7 and 7.5... I have...
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    staph infection

    Hi all, I just heard from a 19 year old girl who went for a face peel at a MD's office and ended up with a staph infection on her face. She said this happened in December, she took antibiotics for it, it went away and came back on her leg, she was hospitalized for 3 days and she was on IV...
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    I am excited about chlorella again. I decided for myself to get the pyreneidosa type and take it with a digestive enzyme. Just wanted to put this article here, it is very informative... hope I am not repeating an existing thread, sometimes I do not go over everything before posting... It is a...