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    Sleep Problems

    I wasn't sure where the best palce to post this, so I put it under "General"....Looking for something natural to use as a sleep aid. If I don't take something, I don't sleep at all. I am currently taking Lunesta, which enables me to go to sleep with in 30 minutes or so, & sleep for 5 to 6 hours...
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    Mouth infections

    Does anyone know of any good home remedy for treating mouth irritations? I have raw, infamed tissue inside my cheek & in the crevice beside my bottom teeth. It makes eating very difficult. Thanks, Eve
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    LIpitor & Weight Gain

    Has anyone had weight gain & unable to lose it, plus bloating, constipation while taking Lipitor? I have gained 12 pounds since beginning it & it shows no signs of letting up. I just have to believe that it is one of the meds that is causing it, because I have always been able to lose weight...
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    Relief for Hot Flashes & Night Sweats?

    Can anyone reccomend something that is natural & not too large a pill to take, that actually works for these problems. I had tried one by Natrol that did absolutely nothing. Also tried Estroven, it did not help either. There must be something out there to help? Eve
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    Can anyone reccomend a good supplement that has these three things & is not too large to swallow? I have trouble swallowing large pills. My Dr. has suggested that I add this to my regimine, so I started looking, but there are so many that I am overwlelmed! Eve
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    Lipitor Side Effects?

    Is it possible to get side effects from a drug after taking it for a year? I have developed pain in my right knee & pain in my left thigh & it is not going away with pain rubs that I have been using for nearly a week now, along with soaks in epsom salts. I don't know what else this could be if...
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    Hot Flashes

    Does anyone know of anything that will help relieve hot flashes, other than black cohosh & St. Johns Wort? Both of these make me have an upset stomach & headache, but these hot flashes are driving me mad & even affecting my work outs. I had to stop my bio-identical hormones because of my heart...