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    I'm having trouble breathing...need advice

    Hi, I'm a log time smoker who thought it would never catch up with me. Dumb But, now I have trouble breathing and wonder if there is any product that I can take to improve breathing problems I'm 77 years old and have smoked since age 15. :oops: Yes, I have Finally thrown away the...
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    Hurricane Debbie?

    Is anyone suffering from the effects from Hurricane Debbie? :yuck: From what I've seen on TV News there's quite a bit of flooding in certain areas. :(
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    Mayor Bloomberg & 16oz Sugary drinks!

    This idea of New York's mayor Bloomberg about 16oz sugary drinks is not going to do much about obesity of New Yorkers. People can get their calories from all kinds of things! :roll: What do you all think about this? :lol:
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    Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day to All you Moms & Grandmoms on our Forum. :wave: May you have a day filled with love & happiness. :) 8-)
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    Now that Spring is finally official, & after 80's in March, we're back to late winter temps. Heavy freeze due for tonight - April 10th, just when my A/C maintenance man comes for my check-up. :lol: Crazy Kentucky weather!! :roll:
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    NBAA basketball

    I'm watching Ky beat Baylor's socks off. :D Half time - UK 42, Baylor 22! :) U of K is going to win it all!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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    Red bruises on skin of arm.

    I have been having a problem with red bruising on my arm from carrying grocery bags - cloth reuseables or plastic I recall my Dad having a similar problem but he was then in his 80's. Not sure what to do about it or if there is anything. Any suggestions?
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    YIKES!!!!!!! Gas Prices?

    I heard on Nat News last night that gasoline is rising sky high again..almost up to $5.00 in parts of Cal. :shock: I've been snowed/iced in for a few days so have no idea what it is here in N. Ky....last week was $3.69.9 I think. :-x Sheeesh there goes the cost of everything else...
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    Rest in Peace to Whitney Houston!

    Only 48 years old! Such a gorgeous voice....gone forever! :( May Whitney rest in Peace! So sad!
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    Hilarious! Newt in Florida....

    OMG! Perky Palin & Carouser Cain have both endorsed Newt! :lol: With endorsements like theirs do they think he'll win more easily? :( I think this is sooo funny!!!!!!!
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    Newt - South Carolina Winner?

    Is anyone besides me scared to death at the thought of Newt Gingrich in the White House as our next President? :roll: Surely the Republicans won't choose Newt as their candidate? :(
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    See You On The Bus!

    Starting next month the federal government will announce that to help the economy, by saving on Social Security & Medicare payments, the Immigration department will start deporting seniors out of the country. They can't run as fast nor will they be able to remember how to get back home. :lol...
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    Dr Mercola & Monsantos Roundup!

    Mercola's most recent article about the harm done to our guts by pesticides, esp. Roundup is a good reason to grow your own fresh produce if you can. It's worth the read!
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    Mature Insights!

    1. Birds 0f a feather flock together...& then poop on your car! 2. A penny saved ia a government oversight. 3. The easiest way to find something lost asround the house is to buy a replacement. 4. The sole purpose of a child's middle name is so he can know when he's really in trouble. 5...
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    Kindle for Christmas!

    Several of my kids gave me a Kindle for Christmas & I LOVE it. :D:D:D It will save me from having to go to the used book store this winter. :) I'll even be able to order free books from our public Library.