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Default Once upon a time!

Once upon a time a princess was madly in love with a prince and desperately wanted to marry him but alas the prince was only interested in exceptionally beautiful women. So that evening the princess summoned her fairy god mother and explained the problem to her adding that she felt sure that the prince would be more interested in her if she only had a larger bust line.

Whereupon the fairy god mother told her that could be arranged, with the condition that every time she asked the prince to marry her and he said �no� her bust line would increase one inch. Elated at the prospect of this she went out in search of the prince and upon finding him asked him to marry her. His reply as usual was �no� and the bust line increased one inch. Again she asked him to marry her and again he said �no� and a third time she asked and a third time he said �no� and telling her to quit bothering him.

With this the princess went back to her room admiring her new figure and feeling certain tomorrow the prince would certainly accept her.

The following day she again cornered the prince and asked him to marry her and again the prince said �no� increasing her bust line by another inch, she then continued to plead �won�t you please please marry me?� To which the now very obviously irritated prince replied �no, no, no, a thousand times no!�
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