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Default Cholesterol-Lowering Power Foods

Cholesterol-Lowering Power FoodsHe hypothesized that if each of these specific foods could lower cholesterol by about 5 percent, combining them must lower it by 20, even 30 percent. He enrolled 66 people in a study to test the theory.

A POWERFUL COMBO: The participants in the study were all within 30 percent of their recommended cholesterol targets. The participants followed a specific diet containing four distinct foods. The cholesterol-lowering foods in the diet included 1) soy protein; 2) plant sterols -- like those found in canola oil or enriched margarine; 3) nuts; and 4) fiber-rich foods like oats and barley. After one year, more than 30 percent of the participants had stuck to the diet and as a result, lowered their cholesterol levels by more than 20 percent. Dr. Jenkins says, "I have to say we were somewhat shocked because we thought it's so rarely in science that a prediction turns out to be correct and here it was. That is exactly what we found."

A REAL ALTERNATIVE TO DRUGS: Though the diet did take some getting used to for many patients, the payoff was often worth the effort. The most appealing part? Some patients stopped taking drugs entirely. Dr. Jenkins says, "Some of the people who were brought in the study originally were on drugs -- were on statins -- and have been able to stay off the statins for the past three years." Further research by Dr. Jenkins' team has also shown that adding luxury foods to the diet -- like strawberries -- didn't have a negative impact on what the original foods did to cholesterol levels. In that study, patients "spiced up" their cholesterol-lowering diets with all the strawberries they could eat, and still had the same reduction in cholesterol levels.

Want to get started on lowering your cholesterol? Add these foods to your grocery list:
Rainbow Trout
Margarine w/plant sterols
Canola Oil
Albacore Tuna
Brown rice
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