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I have hard time coping with changes in life, anxiety about future and rough times.

Once I get to that point I feel like short in breathing, helpless and when I want to calm myself it gets worse.

How do you cope when you reach your peak of stress level?

Any practical advise greatly appreciated.
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William Wagner
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Reduce exposure to "the News". Do you remember what was important last monday ?

Exercise. Meditation.

So I just advocated movement and no movement. Find a belief system that resonates with you. Socialize more. Give more. Yield.

You can meditate in an active manner. Work can fulfill this need. Some folks speak of meaningful work. Finding meaning.

Quite an adventure!


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I suggest that you discuss your problems with your doctor. There may be some medications that might help you. If your doctor determines that you don't have any health problems, ask the doctor to refer you to a psychologist.

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Go to the gym and work out. Or read a good book. Or go to a movie.

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The following nutritional components may be beneficial. St.Johns Wort Extract helps to promote a positive mood and a healthy emotional balance. Clinical research has suggested that taking DHEA orally might improve the symptoms of depression. The Vitamin B Complex 50 is made up of several vitamins that work in unison to support nervous system health. Studies have shown that Vitamin D and Calcium Citrate supplementation may produce elevations in mood. A Complete Multivitamin Mix prevents nutrition deficiency caused by depression and stress.

Please note that this is not to be taken as medical advice. If you are seeking treatment, please contact your healthcare professional.
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