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Default LEF "Overstock Sale".

LEF "Overstock Sale". https://www.lef.org/lpages/overstock?...=HomeTopBanner

There are some excellent bargains available. I was interested in the Ultra Natural Prostate Formula #1275, 60 soft gels for $19. This formula includes the very potent lignan extracts from both flax and from the Norway spruce.

I don't belong to LEF because I can usually buy their products at an equal or better price from HealthMegaMall.com which offers free shipping. HealthMegaMall has a guaranteed lowest price. Call (888)633-6283 if you see a better price. I did that this morning and they beat LEF's sale price and still gave free shipping.

Warning, HealthMegaMall has a lousy search feature. You may have to reword the description a couple of times before you can find their product listing.

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Iggy, Thanks for the HealthMegaMall site. Most of the supplements I use are from LEF so this is very helpful. To find a product on the MegaMall site, first find it on LEF which is much easier, then put the 5 digit product number in MegaMall's search.

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HealthMegaMall has a screwy system where their online confirmation of your purchase shows a considerably higher price than what you thought you bought it for. I called customer service and asked what was going on. The clerk said to be patient and that when the final charge to my credit card goes through, the full discount would be reflected. Sure enough, I checked credit card account and my final bill was $80 less that the first confirmation showed.
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hmmmm... norwegian shark liver oil? I wonder what kind of sharks and where they get them..

(am I going to dream about Jaws if I take them? )
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