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Question Fingernails!

Not sure where to ask this question so am putting it here.
My fingernails have no moons on any fingers.
There are up & down lines on all nails both hands. And they look dry.
The nails on my left turn down at the tips except for the thumb nail. I keep cutting them short hoping
for a new start straight nail. My nails do not break easily. I do not keep polish on them.
I think I might have some mineral deficiency maybe? I think the turn down thing might be called cupping.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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No moons could mean a lack of B-12, so would suggest taking "methyl" B-12 twice per day. (2000 mcg per day)

Could also be lacking magnesium or having issues with iron, but would go with the B-12 first.

Some other symptoms of low B-12:

- numbness
-always tired
-bone pain
-memory problems
-bleeding gums
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Wellll....lets see here This is what I learned in Beauty School way back when. It doesn't necessarily mean you're suffering from any of this.

Okay, no need to worry about not mooning. Lol It could mean a slight B12 deficiency but not everyone's lunula is visible, mine only shows a tiny bit on my thumbs.

The up & down lines (verticle?) could indicate that you're deficient in iron, possibly anemia, have poor absorption of vitamins & nutrients, or you could become prone to developing arthritis or kidney trouble. Or it could mean just a natural age thing.

Scroll down to Koilonychia. Would that be the type of ridges you're talking about?

Across the nail (horizontal) ridges can indicate mental or physical stress

Brittle or dry nails indicate that you might be deficient in essential fatty acids or calcium. Or if your nails are exposed to prolonged water exposure, that will dry them out from absorbing water & drying out continually.
Nails could be lacking hydration due to not enough water being consumed internally as well.

Curling down nails denote liver, respiratory or heart problems or menopause can cause it.

What I would do is *shhhhhh* skip all the expensive nail treatments. Warm up enough olive oil to be able to soak your nails (like in a manicure bowl) for about 15 minutes a couple times a week during the winter. Jojoba & vit E oil is mentioned further down on that page (scroll to brittle nails) which is a good choice to rub into your nails at bedtime.

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Thumbs up Fingernails

Thanks Pinball - I do have some bone pain in my left foot but no problem w/toenails.
Some numbness in feet too which I attributed to Diabetes.
No problem with the other 3 symptoms.
But it does sound like I may need more Vit B12. DRAT!

Thanks Cookie - Looks like the Vertical Ridges picture.
Some of those pictures on that sight are truly gross; thank God mine don't look like those.
They really grossed me out!!!!!!!
I am age 75; I guess could be some iron deficiency tho I eat lots of iron type foods.And again you mention
Vit B12. I do have some arthritis in knees.
No worry, I don't do expensive nail treatments. I'll try your olive oil suggestion. Next Dr visit I'll ask for tests
for Iron & B12.
Thanks both of you for your imput. Greatly appreciated.
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