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Default Rib Pain From Coughing

In late 05 I was working a plating facility in which the chemicals made me ill and I was coughing all the time. One day I coughed so hard something happened to my rib. Basically, I got home, called my best friend top come get me and I went to RAYS (cool bar at kent state). Had 4 long island ice teas and felt a little better. Anyway, the first 2 days after this happened, if I coughed (and I mean lightly) I would get the biggest pain spasm. I never realized anyone could be in so much pain. It sunsided after a week, but happened a 2nd time and 3rd and the 4th time it happened, I just quit on the spot! What did I have?
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I've read that one can get hernias by hard coughing or sneezing. That's not how I got mine though. I think they were writing of people who are already weak in that area.

I did use to get "side stitches" from laughing at times.

I'll bet your liver was very weakened by those chemicals. The immune system uses every means it has at its disposal to get rid of really bad toxins as quickly as possible. It maybe even overreacts. I once was performing ear insufflation on myself using an ozone generator. I accidentally turned my head and got lungs full of that gas. I was coughing so much and so hard that I did not have any air in my lungs to cough. Never the less, my body still wanted to cough; even with no air left. I thought I was going to die of asphyxiation. I'll never do that again.

But the consequences linger around for a long time. In my case only several hours. Sore throat. In yours, sore muscles that you probably had not used for a for a while. Then they might have been greatly weakened for a longer time.
- Jim
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You damaged your right adrenal gland.
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I'm assuming your pain is in your rib cage? and you had xrays and no fracture was noted?

If the above is true you may have done one of two things, pulled cartalige between the ribs or you may have rotated a rib or two which can be quite painful, possibly both things could have happened.

I have had rotated ribs a couple of times over the years. A good chiropractor can make it right. If you pulled or tore a little cartilage it will take time to heal.

Getting away from those chemicals was a wise choice regardless of what happened.
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I would almost bet that coughing caused a cracked rib.

The cause of the coughing is obvious.
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