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Default toenail fungus?

My son, almost 2, had thrush as a baby. It was a bad case, going completely through him, even to the extent he lost the toe nail on his big toe, on the left foot. The toe nail has been thick and stands up ever since as it grew back. What can I do to "fix" it?
The other big toe nail had also been effected but he didn't lose it, and it grew back normally.

This morning he stubbed his toe and because the toe nail stands up, it caught there. He wanted shoes on to go out to play.
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Hi Sharon,

It is likely that your son has a systemic candida infection which is likely based in the gut which will likely come back to haunt him as he gets older and contribute to further chronic disease. Does he have allergies also? Ear infections?

If he had thrush that just went through him you must assume that it is still there but more in a dormant state with a clear manefestation on the nail of the toe.

Candida thrives on sugar. Its got to go and that means just about all fruit juices also. Also white bread and a heavy carb diet. - I know. Its a tough one. Acidolophus is required daily for many months until you have found a cure to prevent further damage to the gut lining. this diet change will not cure but only help to keep the candida at bay. What you see on the toe is likely only the tip of the iceburg

The three things that I know can cure this are homeoapthy, H202 oral or IV and Ozone therapy. IV H2O2 is not risky as it use to be but I am not sure at all if it is done on kids this age. Just have not run into any cases of it. You would have to ask around.

I would attempt the homeoapthy first as he is young and will not comply easily with the other choices and ultimately it is the best choice for him constitutionally. If I knew where you lived I might be able to help you find a good one. PM me if you want.

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Default Sharon..

Seems that, if I recall correctly, You have had a yeast infection, your hubby is wore down and beat and now you say your son has candidia?

Something is goin on in that household? I think, for your son and your hubby's health.. you need to get a Mangetic shower head.. not a filter.. but a magnetic one.. and all three of you need Silver Hydrosol or Sovereign Silver..

You son should be takin about 4 tablespoons a day for a month. You and your hubby should be doin at least as much.

Then.. top it all off with MSM capsules that have Vit C, sea cucumber and Molendidum.. about 3 capsules three times a day. Son should take 1 cap. 3 times a day..

If you need more info.. let me know..
If you have any questions about any product that I mention, please PM me. I'm not a doctor. Just someone who cares and that has seen some incrediable results. Now.. go take some MSM and Vit C.
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There's a very recent post from Mari called
"No more colds." Look this up and read the
input on EpiCore. There's a "junior" version
avail. Sounds like it might be the ticket for
you in this case.
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He has never had an ear infection that I can recall - he is not immunized. He did have a sensitive stomach as a nursing baby. I had to watch what I ate so he wouldn't get a bellyache. Milk, eggs, citrus, onions, beans, chocolate, fish, nuts. (my other babies all had the same problems, some were worse than others) This one outgrew the intolerances at a younger age then the older ones had. He was totally breastfed for the first 6 months at least. We didn't feed him off the table until he was begging for food. We gave him real people food, not baby food. (He is still nursing once or twice a day - my others weaned at 18 months)
Because I sometimes slipped up and ate something that caused his stomach to be upset, I kept Mylicon drops on hand to make him more comfortable. My daughters loved to "play dolly" with their baby brother and one daughter gave him Mylicon drops - way too much. I think that was what caused the thrush/yeast for him.
He doesn't have any "allergies" that we know of. The upset stomach thing was more of "intolerances" the older children all outgrew theirs too, and can eat anything now without a problem.
I did give him probiotics for several months and he's not had any flare ups of any yeast other than that toenail was never normal again. I showed it to the doctor at a well baby check up - at that point the toe nail hadn't come off yet, but was looking better. Dr. said if it seems to be improving he would rather not prescribe medications for him.

Diet: We haven't used white bread in years, no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, low sugars, rarely have fruit drinks - too much sugar! We try to get a good balance of good carbs, fats, & protiens. We use only whole grains and bake our own breads, etc.

I was hoping there would be something to apply to his toe that would help. I will start giving him probiotics again.

Larry, I think we got my hubby's problem figured out - adrenal fatigue - he's started supplements for that from an ND that we found in our area. Its just a week and half and he is feeling better already!
I've been thinking about that Silver of yours. How much is it? I saw some at the HFS and it was expensive. But so's the rest of their stuff!
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When I think about it taking care of gut issues Is the challenge I have with my husband right now. His main problem is noncompliance, not too different from a 2 year old. Although he will be doing ozone insufflations, due to his schedule it is not practical on the 2 to 4 times a week regemen that is required. So I am getting him homozon to take orally. This is an excellent product and it will take care of the issue he has.

Now collodial silver is fine and you can do that but CS will do nothing to improve the constitution of the child. Nor does it do anything to improve the enzyme processes in the body that a candida infection interferes with.

Homeopathy will improve the constitiution and make him stronger against anything that comes his way. It will undue the damage that antibiotics has caused on a cellular level and promote drainage of toxins if he has taken antibiotics. Fungal infection is more rare in kids who have not taken antibiotics. In this case, if he has been antibiotic free it is definately a constitutional glitch that homeopathy can fix. There is an error in his biology somewhere that is allowing this to happen.

Always remember that CS is only a colloidal mineral antibiotic and does have its rightful place and will not hurt your little boy but it will not bring to him the level of repair that he deserves and is most easy to attain through homeopathy at the age of 2. After the constitutional remedy is selected and taken you can start homozon. This product will also promote the regrowth of the correct intestinal bacterias. Half teaspoon 3x day to start.

Homozon is a product that will deliver ozone to the gut and cure his issues. One teaspoon will deliver the equilivant of oxygen that 750 drops of H202 will deliver without the nausea of oral H202 therapy. Go to the site above to read about it.

Go to my ozone thread and read about what ozone can do for the body. Homozon is a great way to utilize ozone without the expense of purchasing an ozone generator. When you call the above company they can tell you of topical products to apply directly on the toe, but do not be mistaken. You have to treat systemically.

Makes me wonder if you can make a solution of homozon to soak his foot in also.
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would coconut oil be something to try? Isn't coconut oil anti fungal?
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HELLO SHARON, I just dropped by while dialyzing my husband on our new home "portable machine".

First, it sounds like you are doing a lot of wonderful things to try to ensure good health for your dear family.

You have already rcvd some really good suggestions: I too think it sounds like your son has/ may have a systemic/fungal infection,based in his gut, and that YES it will come back to haunt him all his life and be the cause of many/several chronic diseases.(though, of course I could be wrong)
I too suspicion that the fungal infection is probably still there as it is very hard to kill. Toenails are big flash cards for fungal infections, and yes, I agree that they are probably the tip of the iceberg as spoken..(do you hear an echo here...an amen corner, OR a paid endorser????
I just want to "GIVE MY NOD" to that which was advised, for what it is worth.

I wish I could find the info I read many,many months ago about the strong concerns about mylicon and babies. It sounded right on the mark. I am sorry to say that, I too, gave it to my daughter. To this day she continues to have reflux. I have traced it back to infancy. (she is 24)

I sometimes get to watch a program called KNOW THE CAUSE. If u happen to be able to get it...give it a look see.
They often speak of the fungal link to many,many health issues, including cancer.

Since your other children have also had issues, and you and your husband (though I understand you hope to be getting on top of that==thankfully), I would ask...do u, perchance, live in a home w/mold issues???? There are, as I am sure you know, huge issues w/that.

You might check into "The fungus Link".
You must stay on a very stick diet for several wks to kill the fungus, (and even a small amount can feed the fungus and multiply it)
If you chose to use a natural anti fungal, be sure and rotate them every wk or two.
Since you already have such a good nutritional program, it will be much easier to do a really strict diet to try to gain control of your little person's health.
I am pretty sure that at this point, at least in the beginning, you need to cut most all carbs--ALL wheat (though I know some are allowed==tart green apples,grapefruit etc)
I am glad to hear you are continuing the probiotics, but remember you most probably need more that just the maintenance dose right now, and you will not "over do it".

I don't really know about the other things suggested, so will leave that to your discretion, but I would remind you that we/you/all of us...need to not only find the help you need, but FIND THE CAUSE, not just address the symptoms.

Think about the mold issue or anything all of you may have been exposed to...maybe a leaky pipe...rain leak...flood???? You also mentioned food...corn is notorious for mold.

Be sure and keep us/me posted as to the health of all, as I am still on the BIG OLE LEARNING CURVE.

Good luck to you and that dear family, and know that you are doing a wonderful job. SHARON

I too would like to know if CO is a natural anti fungal as this is not one I know of.
"There are sadistic scientists who hurry to hunt down errors instead of establishing the truth."
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I just dropped by while dialyzing my husband on our new home "portable machine".
Hooray! :wink:
The Truth is out there...somewhere.
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Hey, good to hear you've got your husband's portable home machine! Keep on keeping on!

We moved to a new home in Feb. Our other house was an big, old stone farmhouse. There was mildew in the basement from water getting in after hard rain storms. Don't know if that has any connection or not. We didn't "live" in the basement at all. We had enough rooms upstairs that we didn't use the basement other than for storage. Canned goods, freezers, garage sale stuff. I kept clothing, etc in the attic.

I haven't come across any mildew here at this house, so far.

My son doesn't have any other signs of candida/fungus other than that thick toe nail.

I'm thinking I read somewhere that coconut oil is anti bacterial, antiviral, and anti fungal ............ or am I mixed up?!? (wouldn't be the first time!)

Oh well, off to do more research!
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Thanks RT

Though it was, of course, what I had researched for about two yrs and persisted on behalf of my husband, it is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy more than I wanted to take on. Both the responsibility and the time.

Before, dialysis was 3days a wk for my husband w/me dropping him off, now it is 6days a wk 4plus hrs a day for BOTH OF US.
Before at least three days a wk someone else was caring for his health, now it is me seven days a wk.

Still, I try to remind myself that he doesn't have to be exposed to everything/everyone at the dialysis center...he doesn't have to get out and go during rain,shine,cold or HEAT, and when he isn't feeling well (often), he doesnt HAVE TO GO.
Also, and possibly most important, is that I remind myself that in the days/wks/months ahead as the cancers progress, I fear I would not be able to get him back and forth from dialysis (though thousands of people do it daily).
Sooooo, all in all, I am thankful.

As to date, his health continues to be up/DOWN, but still no real symptoms of cancer in lungs,(unless this very bad cough he has suddenly acquired is such), but we are already scheduled in a couple of wks, to go back into the bladder to ck for more tumors.
The urologist ask if anyone was addressing the lung cancer, and when we said no, he ask if we wanted him to set up testing during hospital stay.
Though I really like this said dr, I trust he could immediately sense that I was really opposed to it,as my body language and eye contact conveyed such,he immediately said we could just "think" about it.
I don't really know what my husband will decide and the choice is, of course, his,but we know it is there, and must surely be growing. As they have nothing to even offer us,and I have yet to find anyone else who can, I see no benefit to laden us down w/this.

We are "trying" to live day to day w/life's challenge.

In fact, the eternal optimist in me is working daily with the goal of packing us up w/our machine of only a few wks...loading it into our motor home and heading out of Dodge trying to beat the Tx heat (though we are a bit late)...yet another reason not to be slammed w/progression of the lung cancer.

My husband is very fragile and I fear that would really take him down.

Soooooooo, come mid July...mark your calenders and STAY OFF THE ROAD for a couple of days as we/I head north toward Baniff,Canada where the cool, gentle breezes blow. (also please feel free to send any loose change for the big ole fuel bill that diesel gas guzzler .)

Though it is my plan to be leaving in about four wks, I am in a panic to get us out of town before something else brings us down.
We were packed and ready for this very same trip two yrs ago when a yearly ck just before we were to leave,found the cancer in the last kidney, so just remembering it makes me want to sneak out of town in the middle of the night, AND I DON'T WANT NO MORE TESTING. I have come to suspecion that "testing causes cancer".

I know this is a health forum, but if anyone has any travel suggestions, I am waaayyy open.
We will be going to Yellowstone...Tetons...an extended "kick back" stay in Fishing Bridge,(none of which we have been to so feel free to jump in here and be my travel guide), then on up to Canada where we have traveled only slightly, with the hopes of then traveling back down the West Coast shore to Ca,and then cut back across toward Tx.traveling through the beautiful and COOL state of Co.

Yes, you may be reading about the LITTLE OLE LADY FROM AUSTIN,TX, and there is always the chance I will be having to call on one of you for bail coins:

So cross your fingers for us...say many prayers, and keep the many wonderful posts going/coming as I will be checking in to add to the power of knowledge I so need.

Thnks again

OOPS Sharon...I suddenly realized I just hijacked your thread. SORRY. I mainly just wanted to say "thanks", and REALLY didn't want to start new thread for that. SO please forgive---and follow that mold story!

I'm "thinking" you are right about the CCO, but could someone who really knows give us the thumbs up or the thumbs down.
(See Sharon...I can "stay on thread" when I need to :wink:
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Default Toenail fungus

Hi all,
Lots of good info here but no one mentioned using vicks salve on the toenail. I've read many testimonials that it may work slowly, but it does work to clear up the nail.

Vicks vapo-rub applied morning and night just might clear up his problem. Worth a try.
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Default toe nail fungus

I kinda doubt that Coconut Oil would do it, Sharon.
A friend of mine did use the Vick's Vapor Rub method
and it did work, tho as Omie said, it took a good while. 8)

I get goosey bumps everytime I see that ad where all
those little varmints are lifting a toenail and creepin'
and crowdin' under the nail
May you always have..Love to Share, Health to Spare, and Friends that Care!
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