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Originally Posted by Bigpete757 View Post
I am not sure why my cholesterol levels are low yet, but it could be from liver damage as you mentioned. I was tested for all the hepatitis awhile ago and came back negative.

When I had a ct scan of stomach, the docs told me my liver was a little big. No deposits or masses though.

On my CDSA, one of the levels showed that my liver was recirculating toxins too much and this could definitley be causing me problems. I suspected that it was doing this. I requested a liver detoxifation test with my doc, but he wants to wait a little. I looked at the tests you mentoned and will discuss them with my Doc.

About the toxic bile, this could very well be applying to me. I am not sure what is going on with my bile, but I know cholesterol and bile and very connected and if my cholesterol numbers are abnormal, then bile is probably being affected.
As hepatitis can now be ruled out then the liver is probably producing toxic bile through the large amount of mercury(tuna) which you appear to have absorbed over the years. Mercury can tie up a lot of enzymes in the body and affect most organs.

Do you think I should take a supplement to help with the bile. Something like ox bile or similar one? I don't know if the ezymes supplements out there also add it something for bile or you have to take it seperate. Or anything else in general that you might recommended to address the liver and or bile issues?
I agree with Arrowind that you need to detoxify the liver and I would suggest you also need to build up levels of glutathione in the liver which are essential to chelating mercury.
Increasing antioxidants and sulphur based nutrients are essential to increase glutathione.


It is also necessary to have your small intestine clear of any overgrowth such as candida, otherwise toxins and heavy metals such as mercury will not be excreted in the stool but just be absorbed into the overgrowth and eventually back into the system. Ensuring adequate probiotics to keep the bowel heathy is also essential. Taking activated charcoal binds to mercury and helps with elimination. If you have a large amount of toxic bile in your system you may experience herxheimer symptoms on starting to detox.
Its best to do it slowly at first especially with a compromised liver.

With all the symptoms which you have, which may be due to high mercury levels, it would probably be wise to attempt mercury chelation under a doctors supervision. Moving mercury around the body, especially heavy body burdens, can be damaging if you are not experienced at chelation.
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Originally Posted by Bigpete757 View Post
In regards to fasting, I have read about juice fasting as a good way for detox and weight loss. I looked it up a little and it seems some people really like it. Are you familiar with this and do you have any advice in terms of what type of juicer to get and what type of receipes are the best?

About the eating, exercise, nutrition, etc, I actually do a very good job of this. I eat a very well balanced diet of vegetables, fruit, meat, etc and I exercise about as much as I can for someone in my position. I have been running sprints and jogging for a long time and combine that with other cardio and lifting weights, at least 3-4 times a week. I just had to stop sprinting because my plantar facisilitis is so bad I can barely walk for 2 days after this.

See this one of things that has been the most frustrating for me. With the way I eat and exercise, I should look like someone who treats their body very good, but this is not the case. And I think alot of it has to do with what I have going with my body like problems in the gi tract, detoxifying things, etc.

Concerning reservatrol, do you think I should wait to add it in a month or so after I get done taking everything else so far in my plan.
First, I am glad that you are taking control of your health.

Using Dr. Ohira's probiotic is a good choice. These will help replace the good bacteria in the gut, which in turn will better balance the yeast fungus.

Being deficient in magnesium is a serious matter because magnesium does several functions, including regulating calcium and potassium. Only about 2% of the magnesium is in the blood, with the remainder in the cells and tissue. If the body becomes deficient in magnesium, the body will take it from wherever it can and put it into the blood, since without magnesium in the blood, the heart will stop. The point is that you have to be very deficient in magnesium in order to show up on a blood test. Glad to hear you are getting this under control.

As far as having a high level of mercury, nothing chelates mercury from the body safer than iodine. Get yourself some Lugols iodine and take 75 mg per day. If this is 5% Lugols, that means about 15 drops. Mix it with an ounce of apple juice to mask the taste. Iodine is the safest, yet least known, halogen. Nearly everyone is deficient in iodine and most doctors dont even test for this unless they think you may have a thyroid problem.

You also need D3, and lots of it. This is another test doctors rarely do. (hydroxy 25) Take at least 10,000 I.U. per day til summer. D3 will activate up to 2000 genes, that when activated produce peptides that kill viruses, bacteria, yeast, molds, and fungus, but this works only when there is enough D3 in the blood. In other words, taking one or two thousand units of D3 per day wont do it.

I like the idea of using oil of oregano, but would also add garlic, either bulb or pill form. Garlic kills all kinds of parasites, including viruses.

I also like the idea of drinking ozonated water. This will also help to kill off the bad bacteria in the gut, while not harming the good. Also, oxygen kills cancer cells rather than feed them like you were mistakenly informed.

As far as juicers go, I use a juice man junior, which is quite good. It has a reasonably powerful motor, easy to clean, and the opening is big enough to juice whole cucumbers, carrots, celery, etc., without having to cut them into pieces first, plus the price was under $100 (Walmart).

There are endless combinations of fruit and veggie drinks available, and they are all good. Try to find some information on Jack Lalanne. He is 95 years old now, and has been juicing most of his life. There are several youtube videos on him.

Resveratrol is an amazing supplement. It is produced by several plants in defence of fungus. Without resveratrol, the grape would not make it to harvest. Under the worst conditions, large amounts of resveratrol are produced. It kills all kinds of parasites including molds and fungus, it increases lifespan, it acts to neutralize free radical damage, it protects from UVA radiation, it helps provide energy directly to the cells even in overweight mice, it prevents type 2 diabetes, helps clean plaque from arteries, helps make the heart work better, protects eyes from direct sunlight, and the list goes on and on.

On a final note, exercising is great. You cant possibly be healthy without regular exercise. The only downfall is that exercise creates alot of free radicals, which can damage the cells. The solution is to take antioxidants throughout the day. This is very important to maintain a healthy body on the inside.
Let Food Be Your Medicine And Medicine Be Your Food.(Hippocrates)
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I would listen to Arrowind's advice and do everything in the right order and be patient. Make sure your doctor is excellent, world class naturopath, like she says. I was in a similar state as you, the difference being that I started out life not very healthy, but it will take months if not years to get your health back together so just be prepared to work at it for a while. Get out of the immediate results mindset (I don't know if you are but it's common mindset). Don't get discouraged, your health is worth time and effort.

I was extremely hungry too, and had Pica (dry spaghetti for one weirdness ) and would still be hungry after I ate even if I was stuffed. I had these deep unknown cravings I couldn't satisfy with food alone. I think it was from malnutrition--very low levels of minerals and nutrients (also why I'm not so critical of overweight people like say that meanie, Dr. Douglass because this may be their problem and it's very hard not to overeat when you're that hungry)--and impairment in my body's energy production. Also, I was low on HCL. Once I got my nutrient levels up it got better. One thing that helped in the meantime was oils--good oils like fish oil, coconut oil, olive oil, red palm oil, rice bran oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, etc. Taking a spoonful or so throughout the day and not letting too much time go between meals so that the hunger wouldn't get too strong. Many small very healthy meals so as not to binge. NO sugar or bread products--those produce hunger.
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