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I have all this stuff stored about allicin and its use to treat MRSA systemic infections. You may want to watch some of these videos.

When it comes to garlic these are they type of products where the actual research has been done on serious disease.

Now I wouldn't be caught recommending topical garlic to the feet for MRSA or pneumonia. There are no studies to prove that other factors in garlic will cure diseases such as this. If there are please show them to me because I am interested.

The other compounds in garlic have demonstrated to boost the immune system but have not been found to cure serious disease on their own, but I really would not doubt that some topical applications to wounds would be of benefit but I sure would doubt how compliant the patient may be because I would think that crushed garlic would have a burning sensation.
Don't really know.

I take one or two cloves of raw pickled garlic a day for its preventative benefits.

I do not see that the website provided is acurate compared with the information that I have posted on HealthSalon. And I would note that their comparative analysis chart does not examine Allimed or Allimax, which are the products that have demonstrated to cure MRSA infections, which is a pretty good observation since these infections are massively documented by physicians and lab reports. I have not seen any such report from any other garlic product, except an antidotal report of a woman who cured her mrsa by eating massive amounts of raw galic around the clock for several months.

So in light of this I could not recommend galic poultice to the soles of feet for for someone with an infection in an remote part of the body with ananticipation of a cure.

You can go ahead and try it but I could not accept an apparent "cure" of a viral infection from such treatment as the vast majority of viral infections would cure anyway without much assistence so it would remain inconclusive.
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