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Default Extreme War At Doctors Office

My 4 year old daughter, her name is Michelle, is more than uncomfortable with any kind of Doctor visit.
A couple of days ago she had to get a flu shot.
6 people (doctor, me, my husband and 3 nurses tried to hold her down to get the thing done but we did not get it because her legs seemed to be as strong as bull's legs when she screamed and went wild and she kicked out and escaped with breaking the doc's nose bone when he tried to hold her back. My husband went after her and caught her but in an adrenaline rush she kicked him and broke free.
It was not the first time such things happened and i want to know if there is anyone out there who ever experienced something like that.
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My first though was you have a very smart little girl for not wanting to take this shot.

Please check out some of the different threads here on the value of these shots.
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Very few kids enjoy getting shots of any kind. I used to hold the child on my
lap pinning his/her arms to his/her side while the shot was given, while
continuously telling him/her it would be over shortly, and hugging the child
tightly. I never experienced anything as extreme as Michelle's behavior.
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Having been a pediatric nurse for 15 years I find it incredulous that they could not manage to get a shot into her...

that being said, I would say that your daughter is far more intelligent then her physician and staff.

Load her up on vitamin c and vitamin D3. If she gets the flu it will make her natural immunity stronger, not weaker.

When I was about 7 I socked my doctor in the nose. He never tried to give me another shot again, always his nurse came in, which was my intent cause I knew her shots didn't hurt and his did.

I probably should have socked her too, though. Perhaps then I would not have developed all the problems that I did from antibiotics.
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Pick up a cheap bottle of iodine from a health store and mix about 5 drops in an ounce of juice and give that to her on a daily basis. The iodine will chelate the heavy metals from her body, especially the mercury that was in the shot, and in the future, investigate before you vaccinate.

Your daughter was wise to avoid the vaccine.
Let Food Be Your Medicine And Medicine Be Your Food.(Hippocrates)
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