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Default Advice needed please for post-op care

Hi all,

This is my first post here. I discovered this forum after reading some very interesting posts made by Ted Hutchinson on MSE. I am enjoying reading and learning for myself but I am going into hospital next week for a gynae operation (balloon ablation and TVT tape procedure) and need fast advice advice to get things ready for my recovery.

So far I have bought Arnica 30X which I dabbled with before after a c/section and after dental treatment and have found it very helpful. the box says not to take for more than 10 days so how long before the op should I start to take it?

I also have some extra virgin coconut oil which I hope will help with weight loss but though it may also be useful to avoid post op infections. Any thoughts on this?

I have bought vitamin D3 5000iu - still learning about this but realise it is a good thing generally for health and will start taking it today.

Also got some Klamath Blue Green Algae which I will start today. I am also taking Agnus Castus and Starflower oil for severe PMT.

PLease can anyone suggest anything else that would aid my recovery and help avoid post op infection? Was wondereing about garlic capsules and maybe any other homeopathic rememdies but am open to consider anything that doesn`t cost too much.

Any advice you can offer would be most welcome. Many thanks,

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Make sure you eat some fresh fruit (preferably kiwi and oranges) and for a very short period (2 weeks) take 50 mg of zinc every other day. If you have any swelling or inflamation, eat some fresh RAW pinapple first thing in the morning and wait an hr before eating anything else.
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Thumbs up

And make darn sure that ANYONE who comes into your room washes
their hands -right in front of you if possible - and that they put on
clean new gloves before Touching You or changing your dressings.
Garlic would be a goodie - frsh garlic daily if possible, but Kyolic caps
are good too.
Good Luck and happy healing.
May you always have..Love to Share, Health to Spare, and Friends that Care!
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I would get some www.nutrasilver.com and take it just before surgery, as soon as you can after surgery and for several days after. You can also clean your suture line with this diluted in water applied with a steril gauze. Just dab it on. Call them. They will mail it to you super fast.

What is a TVT?

Start the Arnica just a day or two before. If this is a gynecological procedure bellis perennis 30c may be a good choice too.

Keep your wound covered while in hospital. Do not let it be exposed to linens or anything. Get out of the hospital as soon as you can.

I would also get some serrapeptase. This will reduce inflammation and speed the healing process. Start this right after surgery.

Everything else you have planned sounds good.
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Thank you all for your advice.

The TVT procedure involves using a length of mesh to support the urethra. Thankfully this means that I will only have two very small cuts in my groin and one internally ( plus the area treated inside the uterus) so no large wounds outside my body to get infected but I don`t want to take any chances with the number of MRSA cases we have here in the UK.

Now I can get organised and order the extra bits I need.

Once again thank you so much. I will be back soon to browse the forum some more.
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One thing I like to take to protect against inflammation is astragalus because it is an adaptogen and goes wherever help is needed in the body. Another favorite is wild crafted oregano extract. I buy only standardized supplements. Good luck to you! And welcome aboard!!

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Thanks, Have never heard of those two so will do some googling to find out more.

Many thanks,
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Hi Slinky,

I've recovered from open heart surgery - colloidal silver will become your best friend in preventing and handling infection (is that what Nutrisilver is Arrow?) It has been used for centuries as an extremely effective antibiotic that doesn't kill all the good bacteria in your body like anti-biotics will do.

If you are given antibiotics, make sure you take a good probiotic, such as Dr. Ohira's 12 plus probiotic.
...Another one of the benefits of probiotics is that the bacteria strengthen the immune system. Because of this support to the immune system, they have been used in alleviating allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome and systemic candida.
From https://www.upwardquest.com/probiotics-benefits.html

And good to hear that you're starting blue-green algae because it is one of the most nutritionally complete "superfoods" available. Your body will need all the nutrition possible in order to repair and heal itself... good going!

Best wishes,
Improving health made simple.
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