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Default Are Wind Farms a Risk to Health?

Looks like there could be health problems for some people living near wind farms.
Living near a wind farm can cause heart disease, panic attacks and migraines

By Daniel Martin
Last updated at 1:42 AM on 03rd August 2009

Living close to wind farms can lead to a greater risk of heart disease, panic attacks and migraines, according to a study.

The farms can cause 'wind turbine syndrome', the symptoms of which also include tinnitus, vertigo and sleep deprivation, research to be published later this year claims.

Dr Nina Pierpoint, a leading New York paediatrician, says her five-year study of people living near wind turbines in the U.S., Britain, Italy, Ireland and Canada has led her to believe that they can also trigger nightmares in children and stop their brains developing.

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Default Wind Farms

Be sure to read the comments at the end of the article too;
they're very enlightening and definitely worth taking the time
to read.
Sounds like IF Wind Farms are to be built/used, they had better
be put where there is plenty of Wind available or it will be money
and effort wasted.
And IF they are built, be sure they are put plenty far away from
people's homes or farms.
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Certainly they risk the health of birds..

We are looking into getting a small wind mill to put on our roof designed to turn our electric meter backwards, then they got to send us a check.

I think that anything that deals with making huge amounts of electricity will disturb energy fields and could cause health problems, just like living under high power lines.
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I would like to get one also, but I am not sure we have enough wind to make it practical.
We have pretty low electric rates, so it would not really be a paying proposition.

For $10,000 they have a nice one that has a built in inverter. you just have to set it up and patch it into your electrical panel.

I am sure between the noise and the strong magnetic fields around a wind farm, it is going to cause some kind of physiological change.

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